You hate your boss, and the feeling is probably mutual.
You have to REALLY drag yourself to work every. single. day.You dread going to work because 1. You have a toxic job; 2. You don't want to see your boss; 3. You haven't completed your projects yet; and 4.
Stumped on what to wear to your first interview post-graduation? We have some suggestions.
Your resume is impeccably written, and you have a memorized spiel on why you'd make a fantastic employee. But did you know that your overall look also plays a huge part in nailing your dream job? Here's how you can's newest handbook has pointers perfect for every Cosmo career girl.
Make sure you have a rockin' resume when applying for that dream job! We're sharing what we read on's handbook, Jumpstart Your Career, for some useful things every Cosmo career girl should keep in mind.Remember: most of
Career chicks, rejoice! The number one job site in the Philippines has compiled all the job-hunting know-how you'll ever need!
It goes without saying that one of the most nerve-wracking and exhilarating experiences any Cosmo chick has to go through is entering the working world--coming up with an impressive resume, stocking up on stylish office wear, and acing that interview
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