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We asked Fabio Ide, Johan Santos, Alex Gonzaga, Ramon Bautista, and more to reveal how they'll spend Christmas. Read on to find out where you just might bump into them!
It's tempting to travel over the holidays, since (unless you're a college chick) we rarely get an excuse to enjoy this long a break (whether as declared by your company or filed as vacation leave). But, for a lot of
We got the <i>PBB Double Up</i> hottie to talk about what he loves/loathes about women, commitment, and one night stands. See behind-the-scenes footage.
In his final week as our Celebrity Month hottie, Johan gets a little more serious... Seriously naughty, that is!
Admit it--you can't help but drool and swoon inside when you see a sexy hunk on the big screen. What if that stud was sitting right next to you at the cinema, munching on your favorite popcorn--without his
In his third week as featured hottie, find out what it would be like to be this gorgeous actor's leading lady in real life.
Whenever we find ourselves crushing on a celebrity, we, more often than not, fall in love with his onscreen persona first. Then we start wondering if he's as suave, romantic, and sexy in real life. We want to know if he
Is it really easier for celeb heartthrobs to meet girls? This month's featured hottie divulges the answer to this question--among other juicy stuff!
For most celebs, going from regular guy to TV heartthrob really changes a lot of things. And yes, that includes their dating life. While some of us might quickly assume that it's easier for them to pick up girls and go
We're officially kicking off Celebrity Month in Cosmo by turning this cute <i>PBB</i> Housemate into a paparazzi-ready Hollywood hunk, all December long!
Let's all welcome December with a bang, Cosmo chicks! Not only is this month special for us because of the holidays, it also happens to be another fab month since it would be all about, wait for it, CELEBRITIES! We're