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Watch behind-the-scenes footage of the Bachelor shoots of hot celebs Mike Tan, Dex Quindoza, Geoff Taylor, Benedict Campos, Jaco Benin, Rodjun Cruz, Lucky Mercado, and Markki Stroem!
Did his answers to our interview questions crack you up big time? Wait 'til you watch him in this video. If it were possible to laugh and swoon at the same time, that's what he'll make you do.
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Hey college Cosmo girls, how has the first week of school been treating you? Still stuck in lazy summer mode? Well, we've got something to get your heart pumping: more of our June Cosmo Online Hunk Lucky Mercado. Over the last
Find out what this celeb stud would find sexy in a college chick, and how he'd go about making his (unforgettable) first move.
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