The stop-and-go traffic scheme will be implemented in certain areas.
If you plan on heading out tomorrow, November 14, bring extra snacks, power banks, and things to entertain you in traffic, not to mention tons of patience. The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) announced that they'll be testing the traffic plan
It takes about 4.9 minutes to drive one kilometer in Metro Manila, according to the latest data from Waze.
You know firsthand how awful Metro Manila's traffic situation is-now research shows that it's possibly the worst in the world. Waze data shows that Metro Manila is set to be the worst city in the world to drive in
This is according to a resolution that the Cebu provincial board passed this week.
The Cebu provincial board passed a resolution declaring a "traffic crisis" in Metro Cebu that is of "public calamity magnitude" earlier this week, according to In the resolution, the board urged the national government to fast-track infrastructure projects to
The actress talks about her controversial interview on how spending time in traffic can be a way to have some 'me time.'
Following her controversial interview on how spending time in traffic can be a way to have some "me time," Marian Rivera apologized on Instagram and said her comments were taken out of context. "Ang tanong po kasi during the interview-kung panonoorin
Iligan City Rep. Frederick W. Siao is planning to file a House Bill to help reduce traffic.
We're all too familiar with how ridiculous Manila traffic is. In an effort to reduce traffic, Iligan City Rep. Frederick W. Siao said he plans to file a bill requiring government officials to commute on Mondays, according to Top Gear. He
Now, what? Northern girls, we feel your pain.
Are you ready for the daily Commonwealth Carmageddon? The Tandang Sora flyover and Tandang Sora-Commonwealth Intersection were officially closed last night to give way to the construction of the new MRT-7 line.The MMDA initially planned to close the Tandang
Plus other Manila traffic (horror) stories we know too well.
As if having to wake up at the buttcrack of dawn isn't bad enough, we also have to endure hours of traffic going to and going home from work. So we asked Cosmo readers for some of their worst traffic experiences-
So apparently, the traffic situation we go through every single day isn't the worst we've had yet. Starting Monday, February 17, the construction of two major infrastructures (Skyway 3 and NAIA Expressway Phase 2) will commence, resulting in what has
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