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No need for fancy equipment!
Scenario: Your alarm clock didn't go off, and you no longer have enough time to hit the gym.Scenario: Your schedule's packed, and you just need a set of last-minute exercises.Scenario: You're too lazy to go to
Tackle this workout together!
Unless you're a gym rat or a health junkie, motivating yourself to exercise is next to impossible sometimes. With our busy schedules, it's easy to make excuses to avoid the grind. But when you're working out with a partner,
Abs in progress.
Let's talk about abs! These puppies are probably the most unattainable of all fitness goals. And it's not because you're not working hard or your core isn't strong-it all comes down to having too much fat covering
Bye bye burpees!
Nobody likes burpees. That's just a fact. Even athletes hate seeing them on their training schedules. (Honestly, that's probably why personal trainers put 'em there.) But, lucky for you, we're taking a different approach! We reached out to Nikki
Chest out, ladies!
Right now, everybody's just trying to get a booty. In fact, we try to make our derrieres pop without even meaning to! The next time you're standing in any line, notice how you're sticking your butt out. On top