*Deletes self from the internet*
Netflix's latest psychological thriller Cam is not another warning about the perils of sex work. Our hero Alice (Madeline Brewer) is a popular cam girl who goes by Lola, and she f*cking loves her job. She's far
#TeamBahay? These new Filipino movies will keep you company all weekend.
Staying home this weekend? Maybe you're avoiding the dreaded Christmas traffic or you're just in the mood to lay in bed all day. Whatever the reason may be, there are plenty of awesome reasons to stay in and
P.S. We still need more Lara Jean!
To All the Boys I Loved Before, aka the movie that stole the Internet's collective heart, is officially getting a sequel! THIS IS NOT A DRILL.The Netflix flick is absolutely irresistible-from the dream pairing of super relatable Lara
Headlines, hot news, and conversation starters on November 28, 2018!
We've got exciting news for YA and rom-com fans! After the smashing success of Netflix's To All The Boys I've Loved Before this year, The Hollywood Reporter claims that Netflix and Paramount have inked a
Vanessa Hudgens' body double is all over the place!
As far as I'm concerned, there's only one type of film worth watching, and that's the kind where two identical strangers meet in unlikely circumstances and decide to trade lives.Lucky for me, a new one
It's a film adaptation of Julie Murphy's bestselling book, 'Dumplin'.'
Okay, so imagine yourself as an outspoken plus-size teenager who lives in a small town that's obsessed with beauty pageants. Then add a former beauty queen as your mom who runs the local teen pageant, with some people mistaking
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