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'I had to take over that script and rewrite that story and prove to myself that they were wrong.'
Ellen Pompeo is always so real about her time on Grey's Anatomy. Earlier this month she admitted she probably would've left the show if she were younger, and she just opened up about how she felt empowered after
Justice for all!
There have always been pretty intense debates when we come across love triangles like Peeta-Katniss-Gale in The Hunger Games, Edward-Bella-Jacob in Twilight, and Harry-Hermione-Ron in Harry Potter. Sometimes, the leading lady (or leading man) chooses very
WARNING: Contains Grey's Anatomy spoilersFor some weeks now, the ghost of McDreamy (AKA Grey's Anatomy's Dr. Derek Shepherd) has been roaming the earth like a lost soul. But he need wander no more, because Patrick Dempsey has just landed