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Headlines, hot news, and conversation starters on August 24, 2016!
1 In an exclusive interview with, Albie Casino admits that he's really happy that there's no longer bad blood between him and ex-girlfriend Andi Eigenmann. On the news that Andi said in an interview that she's
Lochte opened up to Matt Lauer about lying and being "immature."
And here's our next installment in #LochteGate! In this episode, it looks like Ryan Lochte consulted with a PR professional who was like, "You need to get your act together, son." (Maybe he was able to hire Al Roker, who got ~
Jimmy Feigen remains in Rio and could still be arrested, while Lochte's whereabouts in the U.S. are unknown.
The Great #LochteGate of 2016 continues: In addition to police confirming they believed Ryan Lochte and his USA teammates fabricated the ongoing story of them being robbed at gunpoint in Rio, said teammates have now told police that Lochte was the one