You'll have fun sans the tourists!
Richard Juan had the best time of his life exploring the streets of Seoul, South Korea, along with the country's top stars, former 2NE1 member Sandara Park and G.O.D.'s Joon Park.The 27-year-old model/
Political intrigue, espionage, and government conspiracies abound!
On a recent press junket in Seoul, South Korea, Bae Suzy, fair, long, and lean, and Lee Seung Gi, tall and dark oppa, sat down with Cosmopolitan to talk about Vagabond.Very much in keeping with the show's themes of
Get to know the next big K-drama stars!
Love Alarm is based on the popular ongoing webtoon created by Chon Kye Young, one of Korea's most beloved comic book authors. The story revolves around a mobile app that syncs with your emotions and notifies the user whenever someone
It was inspired by the K-drama 'W: Two Worlds' starring Lee Jong Suk!
When I think of cafes, I imagine modern rustic decor, cozy sofas, random wall art, and soft acoustic covers playing on loop. If we're being honest, almost all of them look and feel the same, if not for their different
Take us with you next time, k?
The new bride Kryz Uy just went to Seoul, South Korea for a super quick trip, and we're suddenly getting K-fever. Even if it seemed like a super duper short visit to the Korean capital, leave it up to a
'I just attended the most important wedding of my life!'
Before welcoming the new year, Kisses Delavin attended "the most important wedding" of her life.Her parents, Gilbert and Carrie Delavin, renewed their vows on their 25th wedding anniversary on December 29, in Seoul, South Korea.The Fantastica star captioned her Instagram
He got to host an online special about the prestigious event!
Remember Richard Juan, the adorable Kim Soo Hyun look-alike at the Miss Universe 2016 pageant? We caught up with the cutie at the Viu Philippines streaming party for their Seoul Fashion Week special, which Richard got to host! In a quick
For your solo trip next year!
Oh, Korea. It has everything any tourist would want to visit with its historical places, modern attractions, and culture. As much fun as it is to travel to the Land of the Morning Calm with a crowd, it is also the perfect
Plus the best times to visit them!
Is there ever a bad time to visit South Korea? We think not-despite certain inconveniences that each season brings (sweltering temperatures in the summer, yellow dust in the spring), the beauty of nature tends to overshadow it all.Whether it's
Bless your followers with post after post of these photogenic spots.
After Stylenanda's uber-popular Pink Hotel and Pink Pool Café in Myeondong and Hongdae, what comes next? Set your sights on these shops and cafés in one of our favorite cities-they're pure Instagram bait and the perfect settings
Winter Wonderland isn't that far away!
With towering trees, colorful lights, non-stop carols, and seemingly countless bazaars, Christmas in the Philippines is as festive as it gets. And while we love that we can still do all sorts of things like hit the beach in December given
The project cost an estimated $33 million.
The next time you're vacationing in the country that gave us Gong Yoo, take a stroll along this beautiful new public park called Seoullo 7017. Formerly an overpass, Seoullo 7017 features 24,000 plants, adding more greenery into Korea's concrete
Gong Yoo's already been to one! *wink*
When planning an itinerary for Seoul, South Korea, you can always expect favorites like Myeong-dong, Bukchon Hanok Village, N Seoul Tower, and a palace or two to pop up. But for a different experience that's bound to be just as
Trust the It Girls to make every moment an OOTD opportunity.
In case you needed even more of a push to book that trip to South Korea, let Georgina Wilson, Martine Cajucom, and Isabelle Daza seal the deal for you. The perennially photogenic cousins flew to Seoul for Martine's 30th birthday and
Three of them are by your favorite Korean brands!
When in Seoul, South Korea, make sure to hit up the countless cafes the city has to offer. Not only are these places calming and cozy-aka the perfect pit stop between shopping and sightseeing-they're also known to be super
Time to recreate your favorite scenes!
For those of you who are *obsessed* (an understatement, really) with K-Dramas, we get you. There's something about the handsome oppas that makes us want to be the lead girl in every show (hello, Gong Yoo).In reality though,
Yup, we're all still on a Coldplay high.
It's been two weeks since Coldplay left the Philippines to complete the Asian leg of their A Head Full of Dreams tour. While the Manila concert was an event for legit artista-spotting, cool kids James Reid and Nadine Lustre were
Plus, the one seasonal food you *need* to eat!
While the months from March to May have us Filipinos sweltering in the summer heat, it's springtime in South Korea-a lovely season when the weather slightly warms up and flowers are in full bloom. If you happen to find yourself
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