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She even shared his TikTok video on IG Stories!
You know how Jennifer Lopez has been *applauding* #JLoTikTokChallenge or #JLoSuperBowlChallenge dance videos from all over the world recently? She even retweeted Pinay Marianne Tubil's cover last week! Well, it seems like another one of our kababayans caught her eye
Cool, also what I spend on shoes.
In case you are the one person in the world who somehow missed the Super Bowl halftime show, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez took the stage and completely ruled. Like, sorry, football whomst? I only recognize the sporting event that is Shakira'
This is everything I’ve been dreaming of since 2000!
The 2020 Super Bowl is officially over and that means we get to enjoy a full 365 days of ignoring the NFL until another halftime show demands our attention. In the meantime, the collective internet will be obsessing over Jennifer Lopez and
Numbers, like hips, don't lie.
In the middle of some sporting event (lol), Jennifer Lopez and Shakira gave the world one of the best performances it's ever seen to date. As someone who was never great with numbers, if I had to put a figure on
We. Are. Not. Worthy.
The Super Bowl is here, aka the day that you and your friends gather round to watch America's most beloved sporting event: the halftime show. Jennifer Lopez and Shakira joined forces this year and, as expected, it. Was. Spectacular. Like,
This is not a drill!
Update: November 14, 2019 11:38 a.m.If this halftime performance news weren't exciting enough, J. Lo and Shakira juuust might be joined by a very special guest on that Super Bowl stage. Nope, it isn't Rihanna,