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Headlines, hot news, and conversation starters on January 16, 2017!
1 Miss Colombia Andrea Tovar comes under fire for reportedly making sarcastic remarks about the complimentary gifts she got from Conrad Manila Hotel, where the Miss Universe candidates are staying. In an Instagram story, originally posted by Andrea, the Colombian representative apparently
Gather your girlfriends! This is one trip you should NEVER miss.
It's not difficult to find a place to hang out with your girlfriends in Singapore. Known for its eclectic nightlife, the city has become the place to be if you want to chill at a rooftop bar or party at a
Going to SG for the first time? Read this!
I'm gonna be honest: I easily spent USD 300 on shopping alone during my first Singapore trip. That's roughly P15,000 I had to pay off in credit card debt when I got home. And I didn't even splurge
We caught up with the busy host, traveler, and athletic stud at the launch of a tourism campaign. Here, he spills how he'd whisk away his ideal girl.
We love a man who's game for anything and loves trying out new things. Case in point: Rovilson Fernandez. With a hankering for travel, a thirst for thrills, and an easy charm that would serve him well anywhere he goes, this