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We're *screaming*!!!
Updated April 22, 2021 6:35 p.m.It's here! BTS' CF with Smart Communications just dropped, and we're so kilig! Watch our seven favorite boys as they send us messages of healing to the tune of "
The gorgeous lady is from Myanmar!
On October 28, Smart Communications introduced another big name in the K-drama scene as their endorser, and it was non other than our ultimate oppa, Park Seo Joon. We admit that we screamed a little too loud when we saw the
OMO! It's official: our favorite oppa Park Seo Joon has officially been named the newest ambassador of Smart. In this *super kilig* ad, PSJ can be seen comforting a distressed girl, giving her words of comfort: "'K lang yan."
Missed them? So did we!
James Reid and Nadine Lustre aren't just top-notch actors but are musicians in their own right who release *quality* work. If you've missed seeing their performances, then do we have good news for you: James and Nadine
See you soon (hopefully), Yoon Se Ri and Captain Ri!
Yup, our fave K-drama couple from Crash Landing On You is *reuniting*! In June, Smart launched Hyun Bin as the brand's newest endorser, released Hyun Bin merch, and even confirmed that he will definitely be flying to the Philippines
Check out this sweet deal from Smart Signature.
Have you been eyeing the new iPhone 11? If you need to get your hands on the phone everyone's been talking about lately, Smart has a pretty sweet deal rn!Under the Smart Signature Device Plan L, which comes with
The girls drove from Mandaluyong to Manila.
Can you remember a time when you tried getting anywhere without your smartphone? Yeah, me neither. That's why we challenged three Cosmo Cam Crew girls-Angela, Chase, and Eli-to drive from Mandaluyong to Manila with nothing but their street
Headlines, hot news, and conversation starters on October 14, 2015!
1 Nadine Lustre doesn't feel like she has to have a romantic relationship with her onscreen partner James Reid. She says there's already chemistry between her and her On the Wings of Love co-star, so there's no need
Fashion bloggers Camille Co, Lissa Kahayon, and Patricia Prieto rave about the newest broadband stick that keeps them connected and chic. Check it out!
Your choice of broadband stick can affect your work and life--not to mention your productivity--way more than you think. Fashion blogger Camille Co of knows this all too well, and she shares her experience when trying to update
See which Twitter-trending celebs with the most Facebook fans were spotted at the unveiling of a new mobile phone dedicated to social networking.
These days, it's not enough to just be a TV or movie star anymore. It seems that majority of your fave celebrities today have branched out into social media to become some of the most "followed" and "liked" names online--reportedly
Smart subscribers can use the mobile company's rewards program to score movie tickets at SM Cinemas.
Remember the credit card movie promo a while back which everyone really took advantage of? Just present your credit card receipt, and depending on the amount registered, you'd get a hundred bucks off each movie ticket you purchase. That surely saved