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They put up billboard ads in EDSA!
Whether you're an OG K-drama fan or you're new to the fandom, Song Hye Kyo is a name that will always ring a bell. She has been in the entertainment industry for 25 years (!!) and has starred
Remember his role in 'Encounter?'
You guuuys! Actor, devoted father, and musical theater star Jang Seung Jo is starring in Jisoo and Jung Hae In's much-awaited drama Snowdrop! Seung Jo started his acting career through musicals in the early 2000s, and has starred in
It's the *first* luxury hotel in South Korea's capital!
For the biggest day of their lives, your fave Korean celebs only pick the best of the best. From their bouquets to the full course meals, you can only expect the cream of the crop for their wedding. And what could be
OMG, he's a cat dad!
Yoo Ah In is one SUPER TALENTED actor, and he honestly scared the *hell* out of me in his newest Netflix series, Hellbound. I mean, he DOES play a creepy cult leader. And if you, like me, are now a fan of
They took home a huge amount from their recent K-dramas!
Hallyu queens Song Hye Kyo and Jun Ji Hyun are reportedly the highest-paid Korean actresses of 2021!In an exclusive report by Korean news site Hankook Ilbo, industry insiders disclosed that the two actresses were paid over 200 million won (around
He won a Baeksang for his first-ever lead role!
While we all love our OG K-drama oppas, the beautiful world of Korean dramas has introduced us to more promising actors through the years. Arguably the most versatile of this new generation of actors is Jang Ki Yong. The model-turned-
Ever felt sad over a breakup that you weren't actually a part of?
Ever felt sad over a breakup even though you weren't actually part of that relationship? Every fan of a celebrity couple or love team that eventually parted ways can relate. Some of our favorite celebrity pairings have split over the
'I don’t have any regrets.'
Hallyu queen Song Hye Kyo's highly-anticipated comeback drama Now We Are Breaking Up is premiering on Viu soon and we honestly can't wait! In an interview for Dazed Korea as translated by Soompi, the actress talked about
Copying these looks ASAP!
A haircut isn't the only way to refresh the look of your long hair. If you love to keep its length, you can perm, color it, or add hair accessories! In fact, Korean celebs and influencers are proof that long
Could there still be hope for our #SongSongCouple?
2019 was a *devastating* year for K-drama fans when it was reported that Song Joong Ki has filed for divorce from Song Hye Kyo. Also known as the SongSong Couple, they fell in love with each other after leading the hit
It's a mix of K-drama actors and variety show hosts.
In the past months, we have ~presented~ the Korean celebrities who were born rich, own expensive buildings in South Korea, and have established their own entertainment agencies. For today, we would like to introduce the power earners in the Hallyu world who
Which drama are you looking forward to?
This year gave us some of the best K-dramas we have ever seen and the high-quality shows just keep on coming! Most of them are starring the K-drama queens who are either making their comeback, working on their nth
Can you imagine them in these career paths?
Once upon a time, your ultimate oppa or queen had a totally different dream before they became a celebrity. Growing up, they were eyeing a certain career path but since they were ~born to be stars,~ these Korean celebs eventually found themselves
Friendships goals!
Korean celebrities are almost always busy (some of them have more than three major projects in a year!)-that's why it's always good to see them with their friends or rooting for them the best way they can.
Get the ~*glass skin*~ of your dreams!
While watching Korean dramas and fiilms, do you find yourself wondering how the actresses have such immaculate-looking skin? Well, you aren't alone. There must be more to it than genetics, right? So we did some digging. Ahead, we rounded
They're *super* booked and busy!
There are soooo many K-dramas we're highly anticipating this year that we already know na magpupuyat na naman tayong lahat, LOL. At the same time, some of our favorite Korean stars are leading more than one show in 2021
Congratulations to all the winners!
The Baeksang Arts Awards is one of the most prestigious awards ceremonies in the South Korean showbiz industry. It has been dubbed as the Oscards of South Korea, so winning-or even getting nominated for it-is a huge deal already for
We just love finding out what our favorite actresses are wearing on-camera!
True K-drama fans know that a show won't be complete without the obligatory beauty product placement. It's admittedly one of our guilty pleasures to see how the producers will sneak it into a scene, and most of
Sometimes, even we get confused!
When you're a new K-pop or K-drama fan, it's normal to get a little confused and find it difficult to tell some celebs apart. But when you're already deep in the fangirl hole, you
They treat them like their babies!
Has it ever crossed your mind how wonderful it must be to be your ultimate oppa's or fave actress' pet? (Only fangirls and fanboys understand, lol!) I mean, the amount of love they give their fur babies is really