They're more minimalist than ever, too.
You probably don't need another pair of sneakers, but just in case you're shopping around, we just found the most drool-worthy style. (And even if you made a no-buy pact, we're playing devil's advocate for you.)
Embroidered Stan Smiths and Yeezys, anyone?
These days, women are pretty spoiled when it comes to sneakers. It seems like there's always a new release, whether it be the glittery or pastel pink kind, to capture our fancy; another pair to add to our growing wishlists.Right
Now you can have a white Christmas!
Call your mom, dad, boyfriend-anyone who cares about you! Because if you haven't thought of what you want to receive this Christmas yet, well, we now have the answer. Just a few days shy of Christmas Eve, adidas dropped the
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