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These will shoot right up your wish list.
Two things that clearly define millennial fashion: white sneakers and cute patches. On their own, they're reason enough to post a cute flatlay or #shoefie on Instagram-put together, they warrant a social media posting frenzy that will no doubt earn
They're more minimalist than ever, too.
You probably don't need another pair of sneakers, but just in case you're shopping around, we just found the most drool-worthy style. (And even if you made a no-buy pact, we're playing devil's advocate for you.)
Embroidered Stan Smiths and Yeezys, anyone?
These days, women are pretty spoiled when it comes to sneakers. It seems like there's always a new release, whether it be the glittery or pastel pink kind, to capture our fancy; another pair to add to our growing wishlists.Right
Now you can have a white Christmas!
Call your mom, dad, boyfriend-anyone who cares about you! Because if you haven't thought of what you want to receive this Christmas yet, well, we now have the answer. Just a few days shy of Christmas Eve, adidas dropped the