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Scared to mix prints? Get started by keeping them in the same color family.
Hi Donna,How do I mix and match prints in one outfit? Please teach me how to combine them in a way that looks fashionable without trying too hard. Thanks!Tanya, 23Hi Tanya! If you're a little shy, the trick to
Bored with your normal 'do? Change things up this summer with a new look!
Hi Donna!I would like to ask what hairstyle would fit my oval-shaped face. I am afraid to go super short because I feel like it wouldn't look good on me. I've been sporting long hair with side-swept
Going on a cruise? Here's what you need to bring!
Hello Donna!My family and I will be going on an Asian summer cruise end of May. I would appreciate it if you could help me with the essential pieces to bring with me. How can I travel light and still look
Rock a pair of jeans that help treat your skin while you wear them.
Hi Donna,How do I make wearing jeans more bearable this summer? I've always been a jeans-and-t-shirt kind of girl, but lately it's been hard because of the intense heat. I also want to change up my
Not a fan of heels? Trade them in for fancy flats.
Dear Donna, How do I put together an appropriate outfit for a dinner party without having to wear heels? As much as I would love to wear them, they really hurt my feet and make me very uncomfortable. If I wear regular
Square, round, or cat-eye? Find out which one suits you best!
Hi Donna,I want to buy a new pair of sunglasses for this summer, but I'm having a hard time picking the right kind for my round face. What shape would you suggest for me? I am also on a budget,
Camouflage your muffin top in vintage high-waist bikini sets.
Hi Donna,I'm going to the beach soon and I don't know what to wear. I wouldn't call myself fat, but I'm a bit pudgy in some areas, particularly my stomach and thighs. As much as I would
Here's a cheat sheet for everyone who wrote and asked for tips on how to become a stylist!
Hey Cosmo Girls!I've been receiving a lot of questions on how to become a stylist, so I decided to sum up some guidelines for you to follow:1. Familiarize yourself with different styles. Being a stylist means delivering different fashion
Congrats, graduates! Donna clues us in on what to wear to a graduation ceremony.
Hi Ms. Donna! I am a graduating student and i still don't know what to wear on my graduation day. Perhaps you could give me some suggestions. Thank you! -ErikaHi Erika! For graduation rites, I would suggest wearing a dress that
Go from casual to professional (and vice versa) in a snap!
Hi Donna!I'm currently working for a company with a casual work vibe. At the same time, I'm in my second year of law school which requires me to follow a corporate dress code. To this day, I can't
Celebrate your individual beauty by being comfortable in your own skin.
Dear Donna,I read your column "Clueless About Fashion" and I was able to relate to it. It's a lot like me. I find it hard to start buying clothes that I think are right for me because of what others
Is your job cramping your style? Donna shares dos and don'ts when it comes to looking work-appropriate.
Hi Donna!I have been a Cosmo e-magazine subscriber for a year now and I am always looking forward to your style articles. I am currently working in a bank but I'm deployed on the field. As much as I
Ditch those insecurities, Cosmo girls! Donna dishes on how attitude changes everything.
Hi Ms. Donna! I'm a psych graduate who became a nurse, but I haven't practiced in the hospital. I'm currently 33 years old, morena, about 5' in height, and 120 lbs. with a large midsection (read: 33 waistline). My
Calling all fashionistas! Dreaming of becoming a stylist one day? Donna clues us in on how to get started.
Dear Donna,I've always been curious about "styling." Several magazines have features on celebrity stylists and their clients. Many girls even consider it a dream job. But how exactly do they do it for TV and magazines like Cosmo? Just curious
This week, Donna dishes on flattering cuts for curvy girls.
Hi Donna!I recently lost 20 lbs. From a size 18, I'm now down to 14. I'm still considered a plus-sized girl, though. I'm really considering changing my wardrobe as sort of a "reward" for myself. Can plus-
Cosmo Fashion Director Donna Cuna-Pita gives a Cosmo reader four tips to get started on her style journey.
Hello Donna,I really need your help. I am turning 28 soon and I still dress myself often in t-shirts and jeans; my closet is filled with them! I have no fashion sense at all. I have no idea which clothes