They're pretty affordable too!
These days, you can personalize just about anything-including makeup! Homegrown beauty label Suesh offers a service that lets you put together individual pots of makeup into one palette. Learn more about it right here:VIDEO: Jean SaturninoFollow Patricia on Instagram.Follow beauty columnist Bianca Valerio offers some tips for salvaging broken makeup and creating DIY lip balm.
Twitter question from @Ayzeerina: "How does one repair broken lipstick?... How do I 'glue' it back?"Great question! It's such a waste to just throw away broken pieces of makeup you can still use. In one episode of F.A.S.
Beauty columnist Bianca Valerio shares her makeup tool picks that are high-quality <i>and</i> easy on your wallet!
We're answering another Twitter query this month, about a makeup tool every girl should invest in. JhoQueen asked our beauty columnist Bianca Valerio: "Loved the tips you share on your show, F.A.S.H.! What tips can you share
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