For when you're done making your rounds of the night markets.
You've eaten your way through the night markets of Taiwan-gobbled up some scallion pancake, rice noodle soup, oyster omelette, beef cubes, xiao long bao, takoyaki, and Hot Star fried chicken that's bigger than your face-and washed it all
Maximize your stay in the land of bubble tea.
Now that Filipinos can visit Taiwan without a visa, it's the perfect place to add to everyone's 2018 travel bucket list! Here's a list of things you shouldn't miss trying while in Taipei, plus some choice destinations outside
Bundle up!
From one Fall-Winter enthusiast to another, here's a list of the most accessible (read: visa-free!) cold-climate countries to explore during the holidays! Start packing your cozy coats and favorite pairs of boots ~ASAP~.You read that right:
Is it worth it?
Taiwan is known for its delicious eats, but one of the country's most iconic dishes is beef noodle soup. You'd be hard-pressed to find a local restaurant that doesn't serve it. But Niu Ba Ba is on another
We hate to be the bearer of bad news.
In April this year, we welcomed the news about Taiwan granting visa-free entry to Filipinos. The plan was supposed to have started in June and has since been postponed."Taiwan has deferred its plan to give Filipinos visa-free entry to
Because we're sure you're planning a trip there soon.
It's official: Everyone is flying off to Taiwan this year. This small country, which is only a two-hour flight away from Manila, has delicious food, amazing sights, and pocket-friendly prices compared to, say, South Korea or Hong Kong. It'
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