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Ways to make Tinder dates a little less disappointing.
When you're swiping through an endless stream of shirtless dudes on Tinder, it's easy for a cute, witty, seemingly-normal guy to feel like The One. You just know you're going to feel that "spark" the
Skip it and stay home instead.
Swiping through people is all fun and games until you actually get a match with someone who seems...promising? Maybe? On one hand, sacrificing a guaranteed cushy night in for a potentially dicey human interaction isn't exactly the best gamble
She bought the sword after finding Tinder on his phone.
Sometime between when he fell asleep and when the 9-1-1 call was placed at approximately 1:54 a.m. on March 3, Alex Lovell woke to his girlfriend standing over him, swinging a samurai sword at his body. According to
Yes, he has fallen for a bot at least once.
That witty one-liner or amazing picture? He ran it by friends and got feedback. Tinder is brutal and he needs to make sure his profile is as polished as possible.They snagged that funny icebreaker or smooth opener from /r/Tinder
'I knew the app’s reputation. But I got way more than I bargained for.'
Before I met Sky, I didn't think I would ever find love again. I had pretty much accepted that my great love was my ex-husband-we split up after five years together because he had found someone else-and when
It ended up pretty much like any other first date.
Imagine going on a first date with some random stranger you met on Tinder-but instead of drinks, you go to Hawaii for a full weekend and have cameras in your faces the entire time. Is it really going to end up