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You actually need two colors to get dramatic eyes.
Getting bored with your usual eye makeup routine? Why not switch it up a little by doing ombre lashes? Okay, don't freak out! Because you won't be using colored mascara (which is a real thing, btw)-but it
And it's actually a pretty accessory.
You need this bracelet in your life.Actually, we all need it.It's called the Q Bracelet, a slim bangle by Q Designs that serves as an accessory and a phone charger for both Android and Apple devices. It comes in
It's the new cool girl staple, and YOU should own at least one pair. Maybe, four.
1. With a tough skirt.Skirt, TopshopTop, WarehouseBag, SuiteblancoSneakers, Mango It sounds like a style equation only your 12-year-old self can pull off, but the technique with the skirt-and-sneaks combo relies heavily on textures. A feminine top-like
And texting will be a bitch.
Forget square-shaped nails, long nails-also known as stiletto nails or talons-are back! Celebs like Kylie Jenner, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Beyonce have all been spotted sporting the trend since last year, so it kind of makes us
These chubby pens were made to target whatever your skin concerns are.
Once upon a time, we wrote about how CC Creams-or Color Correcting creams- are revolutionizing how we do our makeup. Thanks to the CC, the BB, and more double-letter skin saviors, we can hide our blemishes and wrinkles, moisturize, and
You have to watch this.
This isn't just another makeup phone app, guys.Japanese technical director Nobumichi Asai has invented a new technology called Omote, which works a lot like a green screen-only instead of projecting a background, it projects makeup and cool graphics on
And we swear, they do not look cheap.
Bride on a budget? What if we told you that you can buy an incredibly beautiful designer wedding gown straight from the store, without costing you an arm and a leg?RTW fashion brand Karimadon teamed up with designer Eric Delos Santos
And our paycheck is in danger.
SHOPPING ALERT! British brand Lola Skye is HERE! The clothing brand, which comes from the makers of Topshop, Topman, and Dorothy Perkins, is exclusively available on Zalora. We browsed through the catalog, and we're not kidding: We want to buy everything.
We'd love to hate her, but we can't.
Can we please talk about what Marian Rivera wore to FHM's 100 Sexiest Press conference?The actress, who was crowned the nation's sexiest woman for the THIRD time in a row (That has never happened, btw. Like ever.), wore a
We at the Cosmo HQ are always on the hunt for cool shoes to wear to the gym because 1. We need a decent #IWorkOutLikeThis shot, 2. the gym cutie is so darn adorbs, and 2. Porma shoes always inspire us to
Beauty or bullshit?
Forget whitening pills, the new trend in the beauty world these days? Pills that contain UV protection.They're called Ultra Care capsules (from skincare brand Heliocare), which work like a daily supplement. Each pill contains a natural plant extract called Fernblock,
For that perfect #belfie!
Unless you're one of the few who were #blessed with a really nice derriere (like these celebrities), then you've probably hit the gym countless times to perfect your squats and lunges. But for the rest of us who simply do
You'll look like an idiot, though.
We're not talking about your usual beauty face mask.Japanese brand Hourei has invented a contraption that gives users an instant face lift, sans the surgery. It's called the lift bra (about $40), a headgear that sits on top of
Science has found a way to make high heels a little more comfortable.
Women will go to great lengths to find the perfect pair of stilettos. And they will also TRY to withstand the pain that comes with wearing the perfect pair of heels.But now doctors are saying you can wear your favorite high
Mental note: Must do more squats.
So, belfies-or the butt selfie-is a trend on social media now.We actually like the #belfie (it's soo much better than the #AfterSex selfie), because it gives us more reason to work out and take our squats seriously! So
It's like using a giant crayon on your face.
This is what you THINK you look like when you're applying lipstick in the car.But this is what you ACTUALLY look like.Yeah, so lipstick application? Not so easy when you're in transit, huh? This is why chubby lipstick
They really do make us feel inadequate, style-wise.
Sorry, Prince George and Harper Beckham, you ain't stylish enough.We stumbled upon this cute Instagram page called @fashionkids, which features the cutest tots sporting the trendiest clothes. We thought we knew so much about fashion-until we saw what these
It really is too cool for school.
We've tried and tested practially every BB Cream invented in the beauty world, but we've never heard of (or seen!) one that looks like this!It's called Too Cool For School's Afterschool BB Lunchbox (
International fashion accessory brand Rabeanco just launched its Spring-Summer 2014 collection, and this locket mini bag is perfect in many ways.For starters, this itsy bitsy teeny weenie purse can probably only store three things: 1. your lipstick, 2. your phone,
It matters where you spritz your perfume.
Okay, so you finally found your signature scent. At first spritz, you smell like a bouquet of flowers, but it doesn't last you the whole day.So what have you been doing wrong? Honey, where you spritz perfume-not how often-