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There's a lot of double-sided tape involved.
I've gained a lot of intel when it comes to the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, having covered it for the past 12 years when it's taped, and then taking it to the next level by living
Shanghai may be her last time on the VS runway.
In this year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, which was taped in Shanghai on Monday, rumors started swirling that it could be longtime Angel Alessandra Ambrosio's last time walking down the runway. Early today, she seemingly confirmed
These 14 models are the only ones you can actually call 'Angels.'
In case you weren't aware, there's a big difference between Victoria's Secret "Angels" and the rest of the models who walk Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. The only women who can truly own the title
She's got tons of beauty tips for girls like us!
If you have ever wondered how a Victoria's Secret Angel gets ready in the morning, we've got the deets! Josephine Skriver was generous enough to share her get-gorgeous beauty tricks in her video for Vogue. We did
The skin hacks, masks, and moisturizers they swear by!
Ahead of the 2017 Victoria's Secret show in Shanghai this month, we reveal what some of the Angels do to prepare their hair and skin for close-ups-and how they recover afterward.PHOTO: Getty At the end of last