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Wearing the wrong brassiere can ruin any hot outfit. Smarten up with this 5-step guide!
Such a tiny piece of fabric can spell the difference between feeling like a million bucks and wanting to run back home because you just had a major fashion faux pas.So Wacoal, one of the world's biggest intimate apparel brands,
Check your underwear drawer now: Do you have these 5 must-have items?
You can have bras in all the prints, colors, and textures you want, but there are five basic pieces a sartorially-savvy Cosmo girl should always keep in her underwear drawer. They're the go-to items perfect for your various activities,
Bet you can't guess the ending of this commercial!
This Thai commercial is hilarious-and it pretty much made our week!Wacoal recently released a TV ad for its push-up brassiere called the Boost-Up Bra. The commercial stars a really, really hot girl (dressed in nothing but a button-
You may have picked the cutest head-to-toe ensemble worthy of a second look, but what goes underneath is important, too!
Just like your six-inch stilettos, the kind of bra you put on can make or break your outfit. So before you start obsessing over what to wear to that hot date, check whether you have the right-sized undergarments first. Wacoal,