And its price starts at P195.
Last week, we were so excited to learn that Hada Labo is finally launching in the Philippines! We thought, "It's about time!" For years, we've always seen the Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion in numerous skincare lists and awards
If you're a fan of Asian skincare, then you've probably heard or read about Hada Labo at least once. Thing is, their products are only available outside the Philippines-that is, until now.That's right-you
Don't forget to keep one in your kit!
While swimming in a pool or at the beach is a great way to cool down, it's also one of the main causes for sunburn.Sunburn usually happens when you don't reapply sunscreen throughout the day, when you
We ~*kind of*~ cheated...
When you're a makeup addict, it's easy to burn cash on beauty products with pretty packaging or rave reviews online. Of course, spending thousands of pesos all the time won't be good for your wallet, and lucky for us,
Prepare to fill up your basket with these!
The Korean beauty craze is showing no signs of dying down, and now, they've just become even more accessible! Just how accessible, you ask? Watsons, one of our favorite drugstores, now has a dedicated section just for K-Beauty products!
Headlines, hot news, and conversation starters on October 21, 2016!
1 Last week, social media erupted over a viral video of Nadine Lustre allegedly ignoring a fan who was asking for a selfie with the actress. To clear up the drama once and for all, Nadine addressed the issue at a press
How to stay fresh and flawless, as shared by your favorite stars.
We went to Watsons Womens' Wellness event on April 11 at the SM Mall Of Asia Atrium and asked the A-listers we spotted for their super secret beauty tips. Read on!"Be simple and be yourself." - Nadine LustreTake it from Nadine
Here, news you missed while you were sleeping.
1 The Supreme Court has finally made a decision regarding the controversial Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Act of 2012, a.k.a. the RH Bill, and has declared it constitutional with provisions. Among these provisions are: 1) Health care providers can
Watsons, which is also marking its 15th anniversary, teams up with Cosmo to help goal-setting gals! See the celebs who showed their support.
Every Cosmo chick has a dream. Whether it's traveling to Europe or getting the job of your dreams, every woman has something to aspire for. And for practical femmes, spending wisely is the key to getting one step closer to making
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