It's not just about the fetus. It's about the mother too.
The United Nations Human Rights Committee officially reaffirms that abortion is a human right.In 2005, the Committee held Peru's government accountable for failing to ensure access to safe and legal abortion services, even when the procedure is legal when the
We asked a doctor everything you've ever wondered about having an abortion, but were too afraid to ask.
There are two different kinds of abortion.The kind of abortion procedure you have depends on how long you've been pregnant and your personal preference. When talking about types of abortion, people usually refer to the two categories of medical abortion (
"Right before we were called back, we looked at each other, and said: 'Let's get out of here.'"
Humans Of New York mastermind Brandon Stanton is really hitting some chords at the moment. Following on from the viral photo of a young boy earlier this month, a new post of a would-be aborted child has sparked an emotional response
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