The (hefty) price tags included.
For various reasons, investing in a second passport is becoming a popular option among the one-percent-and it goes beyond the visa-free travel. A second passport opens the door to a plethora of options, from where you can work and
Who doesn't want to?
It's no secret that Scandinavian countries are some of the happiest nations in the world. According to the World Happiness Report (yes, that's a real thing, published in support of the UN High-Level Meeting on happiness and
Time to free up space in your smart phone.
Traveling out of the country soon? Be a smarter traveler by downloading these free apps on your phone before you take that flight.Visit Kate on and follow her on Instagram and Twitter.
'To be honest, ang daming pogi!'
Dating's hard enough for a Pinas-based Pinay, but when you're a Pinay in a foreign land who barely knows anyone, doesn't speak the native tongue, and knows nothing about the unwritten dating rules, you're going to have
*Moves life*
Have you ever thought about packing it all in and moving to a city where you can be paid more for all the work you do?This list of cities with the highest average salaries may just help you decide where to
Better update that resume!
If you're looking to work abroad, several things may up your chances, including your education, your foreign language proficiency, and of course, the hiring rates of the country you're planning to work in.According to a survey of
Lara De Jesus talks to us about how New Zealand's Work Holiday Visa changed her life.
If you've ever dreamt of living and working abroad, even for a little while, there are plenty of routes to take to make that happen. An option you might want to consider is finding work through New Zealand's Work Holiday
'We are not your servants.'
Women were outraged when Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) director general Guiling Mamondiong made sexist statements. For starters, Mamondiong said women should no longer work abroad because they are "pinapadala sa ibang bansa para gawing alipin lamang (being sent abroad
Pinay power!
Name: Belle BaldozaAge: 33 Occupation: Consumer PR Manager (Asia Pacific), NetflixCurrent place of residence: SingaporeDescribe the work you do in your current job.I'm a Consumer PR Manager at Netflix, looking after South East Asia. My mission is to make fans
'Bakit umuwi ka pa, eh and'un ka na?'
Even as I utter my honest, albeit showbiz answer, "It was really part of my plan," I couldn't help but feel judged-berated, even-for not pursuing a future every Pinay would've wanted, that I unknowingly let everyone down by
You'll make some of the greatest friends you’ll ever have.
1. Your social life will be exciting AF. Studying abroad means you'll be in a foreign country and in a university you'll think is incredible. Which means, you'll also be learning courses in a ~*new*~ way. But while the
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