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Happy Wednesday!
Good morning, Alden Richards just blessed the internet with shirtless pics showing off his abs, or as Lovi Poe commented, "pandesal for breakfast!" The actor captioned the pics, "Morning mood be like... swipe left," with the second photo showing him pouting.That
Just in time for summer!
Core body strength is key for so many things; balance, posture and-a particularly popular one-building abs. The plank is probably the first move you think of when you want to do abdominal strengthening in the gym, because it forces you
Having BJ Pascual as her fitness buddy helped her out a lot!
On Saturday, May 26, GMA-7 actress Janine Gutierrez uploaded a vlog on how she was able to achieve abs in just 27 days.The Kapuso star's desired result for a magazine shoot also served as her motivation to go
Here's her abs workout routine.
In her latest vlog, Erich Gonzales shares her abs workout with trainer Ferdie Laforteza aka Coach Flex. Her routine includes leg raises, crunches, and mountain climbers. She does everything in real time, and you can totally relate to her struggle to finish
How to get your abs POE?
Actress Lovi Poe is all sorts of peg material. From having that body to-die-for and that perpetual glow, she's constantly on our radar for stars to cop. We've always been excessively curious about how she does it. Thankfully,
If you want them to last, you'll have to put the work in.
Seeing endless women with abs on your Instagram feed eventually takes a toll. Namely, it makes you want to get them too. But building abs isn't easy work-not if you want them to last, anyway.Because there's
Here's what's worked for them.
Most fitness experts recommend setting goals that establish healthy habits rather than fixating on visible results like uncovering your six-pack abs for good reason: "Very few people can achieve this look, regardless of what they do," says Stephen Ball, professor of
Her workout isn't as extreme as you might think.
Kim Kardashian works very hard at the gym, which the whole world we know because she loves to show off her abs every chance she gets. Kim's trainer Melissa Alcantara recently shared the "exact ab workout" they've been
We should be in the gym right now.
Erich Gonzales has been making headlines for her new killer body-specifically her super ripped abs! You'll definitely want to hit the gym after watching her in this vid.VIDEO: Jean Saturnino Follow Jacinda on Instagram. Follow Jean on Instagram.
Even if it's technically the rainy season already, she still WINS.
OK, so summer has come and gone but Erich Gonzales still manages to heat up our social media feed! The Kapamilya star has been proudly showing off her new ripped bod on Insta-all thanks to her coach Bok Santos-which makes
It's a blessed, blessed day.
Greetings. I'm pleased to inform you that there is now a second teaser trailer for Fifty Shades Freed, the third and final film installment of the Fifty Shades franchise. The teaser arrives just days before the release of the Fifty Shades
'He's, like, not human.'
Most of us can only dream of what it'd be like to hang out with Zac Efron IRL, but for Alexandra Daddario, she got to do that and so much more-and her description of the experience is absolutely priceless.
Doing more crunches doesn't mean you'll get ripped abs!
Summer's back, and while many of us dislike the sweltering heat, for some reason we don't mind it at all when we're at the beach. And speaking of the beach, it's that time of the year when people
Downloading it ASAP!
As a supermodel, Kendall Jenner's full-time job requires her to be in tip-top shape. In fact, even when she's chilling, she thinks about working out. On her app, Kenny shared, "Sometimes when I'm watching
Guys, may pag-asa kayo!
Liza Soberano continues to surprise us with her interesting quips. Unlike people who would drool over men with sculpted abs (who, for most, are the definition of sex gods), Liza likes her men soft... like a baby-for reals."Parang wala pong
Here's how you can finally have a flat and toned tummy.
It's the start of the year, and most of us are jumpstarting our #BalikAlindog goals. Losing the puson is a common target for most ladies because, well, #BikiniBody. Unfortunately, this area is stubborn to get rid of, and you need determination
Beliebers in Bologna, Italy were treated to more than just a Justin Bieber concert on Saturday. During the Purpose show, the Biebs briefly flashed his sculpted abs and revealed three new words located just above his six-pack. Thanks to one Belieber
Make their tricks yours and flat abs should (in theory) follow.
Amazing abs are much easier to envy than to come by-and it's no secret that perfect abs take a whole lot of work. To get the core you want, just follow the daily practices of women with the strongest, flattest
It's the new crunch!
Crunches are so 2000 and late-especially now that everyone's doing a simpler, safer abs exercise: Stomach vacuuming.Stomach vacuuming has nothing to do with your Dirt Devil-and seriously, don't try that at home. Instead, it's actually a
Rush hour just got a lot more interesting.
Imagine waiting for a train in a packed station when suddenly a mob of shirtless Spartans in full gear run past you. Yes, exactly like the ones in 300: Rise Of an Empire. This was the scene in London's Tube last