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Cardi B reposted AC's video of 'Up' on her Instagram Stories!
Regardless of how much or how little you know about the world of dance, it's pretty easy to believe that Filipino-Canadian dancer and performer AC Bonifacio is overflowing with talent. And guess what? We're not the only
Tbh, same.
AC Bonifacio never fails to catch the attention of the crowd, especially with her A+ skills in dancing. As an avid K-pop fan, the 18-year-old performer is known for her super ma-effort K-pop dance covers (she even
Cute and casual!
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Never boring!
It's a fact that AC Bonifacio is super cute! She's got powerful dance moves which helped her land a role on Riverdale. an adorable face. Clearly, AC is one cool girl. Aside from her talent and beauty, we
Which look is your fave?
You guys, AC Bonifacio did it again: she just wowed us with an amazing dance cover of BLACKPINK's song "Pretty Savage," and it's already amassed more than 288,000 views as of this writing! AC showcased five different
I'm always game for any outfit that doesn't require so much thought into it, especially on tamad days. And lately, I've been noticing that a micro-trend that supports this style philosophy is slowly taking over
Time for a new look.
Have you heard of the news that is circulating on TikTok? Some Gen Z people say that middle parts are better than side-parted hair. As a millennial who grew up and ~witnessed~ the emo phase of everyone on Tumblr, I was
Who else thinks she should be a K-pop idol?!
Whether you're a long-time K-pop fan or you just entered the fandom, dance covers on YouTube are a must-watch. These videos aren't just entertaining (the dancers even set up their background similar to the original
She looks so good in the Vixen uniform!
Filipino fans of the Netflix series Riverdale have been on the edge of their seats ever since it was announced that our very own AC Bonifacio will be making a cameo in the series-and now the streaming provider has just officially
'Mom and I have worked so hard to get to where I'm at.'
ICYMI, AC Bonifacio just shared her surpise debut video on her YouTube channel and it looked sooo fab! Star Magic threw an intimate Riverdale-themed party to celebrate her 18th birthday and she had no clue! Check out these photos to see
We love the details!
ICYMI, AC Bonifacio celebrated her 18th birthday again, and this time, she had a Riverdale-themed party! AC is set to play Star Vixen, of the Vixens cheerleader group led by Toni Topaz (played by Vanessa Morgan) in the fifth and latest
Say hello to Star Vixen.
We've been pretty much on our toes ever since Filipino-Canadian dance queen AC Bonifacio dropped a teaser in January of her upcoming Riverdale stint, featuring a dance-off between her and Madelaine Petsch, who plays Cheryl Blossom. Both were
We see what you did there, AC!
AC Bonifacio has been ~acing~ it on the dancefloor ever since she was a kid and it seems that her killer skills have landed her on one of the biggest teen shows, Riverdale. On January 2, the 18-year-old performer reposted
Her style is everything!
If you're trying to find OOTDs that balance convenience and style, you'll find a ton of inspo in AC Bonifacio's Instagram grid. The 18-year-old gets top marks in the style department due to her
Happy birthday, AC!
Time flies! Can you believe AC Bonifacio is now 18?!It seems like it was just yesterday when the young Filipina-Canadian performer was wowed everyone with her dance cover of BLACKPINK's song, "Kill This Love." Even the girl group&#
To no one's surprise, she killed it.
If like us, you haven't been able to stop listening to BLACKPINK's "Lovesick Girls," we're giving you one more reason to love this song. AC Bonifacio released her dance cover of the hit track over the
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BRB, spazzing out rn.
If you aren't familiar with AC Bonifacio and her *major* dance skills, then now's the time to get acquainted with her. The 17-year-old Fil-Canadian performer has been doing K-pop dance covers for the past
The two met up in Vancouver, Canada.
AC Bonifacio and Darren Espanto are here to get you up your feet: The two recently met up in Vancouver, Canada and filmed "a little something." On September 6, they had a mini reunion and posted photos together; who knew we'