Prepare for some HIGHLY dramatic voice coaching accusations.
Remember a couple months ago when everyone flipped out over a clip of Meghan Markle sounding like she had a *slight* British accent? Well, the internet is back at it thanks to her appearance in ITV's new documentary Queen of
It's OK, girl, same here.
Zayn Malik baffled Bella Hadid when they first met because she couldn't understand his accent.The former One Direction star has been dating Bella's model sister Gigi Hadid on and off since November. However, one thing that Bella has been
Like, totally.
Game of Thrones star and British actress Emilia Clarke not only knows how to speak in High Valyrian and Dothraki (the fictional languages she uses in the series) but is, like, sooooo totally wicked talking in a Valley Girl accent. If she
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