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Yes, only less than fifty pesos! *gasps*
After making our jaws drop with her acting chops in Netflix's My Name, Han So Hee surprises us once again with her latest Instagram post!Our best girl just turned 27 years old yesterday, November 18, and she shared how
Time to take your commitment to the next level!
When it comes to showing off your commitment and dedication to your best friends or S.O., getting matching tattoos is one of the most popular ways to do it. They are, however, not really for everyone, especially if you have low
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I'm pretty much satisfied with my closet-I've got basic clothing items and trendy finds I can mix and match. But while I was dressing up for a brunch date with friends over the weekend (all are vaxxed
It's super easy!
Knowing how to clean silver jewelry firmly fits into the category of style hacks that will serve you well for many years to come. Once you've learned the process, you can use the skill again and again, meaning that tarnished
She loves dainty pieces.
Accessories, especially necklaces, can spice up any outfit, even the plainest ones. A dainty pearl choker will instantly elevate a white tube top + jeans OOTD. And what's great about this style tip is that there are pretty necklaces for every
The set comes in three different designs.
If there's anything we liked about the Nevertheless finale, it's that our favorite couple, Sol and Ji Wan, was treated just like any other heterosexual pairing on the show. Throughout the 10th episode, the best friends turned girlfriends
Extra, extra, extra!
Okay, I totally get that we're all staying in until the pandemic ends, but I don't think it should stop us from dressing up. After all, we're doing it for ourselves, to help us feel good!
It matches the trendy Y2K fashion aesthetic, too!
You guys, let me start by saying that the pandemic is NOT over. Here's your daily reminder to wear your face masks, wash your hands, and practice social distancing at all times! Seriously, you may not know it, but these
We're in love with these delicate pieces!
The best thing about being a Hello Kitty fan is that the ubiquitous Japanese cartoon is featured on pretty much every kind of clothing, accessory, gadget, and beauty product you could think of-we've got an entire list to prove
Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the London Ton.
Calling all Bridgerton fans out there! You can now feel like a part of London's elite by donning dainty jewelry inspired by the show. Local brand Tala by Kyla recently released its very own collection of necklaces and bracelets that seems
Totally chic.
In case you haven't noticed, Mari Jasmine has been doing an excellent job in curating ear candy for her multiple piercings. She always has been a woman of style, so it's no surprise that her knack for ~*cool*~
You'll definitely give these products a ~green~ thumbs up.
Hello there, plantitas! We're sure your house is just teeming with fresh greenery right now. You've probably also scoured Instagram, Facebook Marketplace, Shopee, and Lazada for quirky pots, chic racks, and tools to prettify your indoor garden. If
You'll want *everything*.
Dainty, minimalist accessories have taken the spotlight for quite some time now, and while you can never go wrong with those classics, it also wouldn't hurt to shake things up a bit and opt for bold, bright-colored pieces, too. (We
Sugar, spice, and everything nice!
For those who watched the cartoon series The Powerpuff Girls and identified with Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup, I've got great news for you! Local jewelry brand Quielle released necklaces inspired by the cute but badass characters!The non-tarnish necklaces
If your style is more low-key, you’ll be *obsessed* with everything!
Trendy accessories are cute and all, but nothing beats classic fine pieces that you can wear for years. (How many times have you worn your giant floral earrings since you bought them anyway? Lol!) By the time you hit your 20s, we
We're obsessed.
One of our many maxims in life is: "You can never have too many accessories." They just effortlessly spruce up any ~blah~ outfit and turn them into something classy! That said, we've always turned to gold jewelry because they pair
We want them all!
We've all stopped counting our white t-shirts, pastel blouses, blue jeans, and neutral trousers. These basic items compose maybe 90 percent of our wardrobe, and we don't mind if it stays this way. If we want to
Get the look for less!
Heart Evangelista is known for exquisite fashion taste, so we always watch for the next thing she includes in her OOTD posts. Recently, we've spotted her wearing the coolest pair of glasses, and we just had to find out where
Including a cool chemical reaction that'll make any silver sparkle.
If you're like me and your jewelry collection has really grown over the years, you might want to take the time to give it a good cleaning-I mean, who knows who long it's been sitting there? There