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These are so legit.
Do you know what's more annoying than pimples? The marks they leave behind! Acne scars are trickier to get rid of than breakouts. Lucky for us, there are products and procedures that can make them disappear. Read on to find
Say hello to a flawless booty!
Pimples are annoying wherever they pop up: The forehead, chin, cheeks, and sometimes the other pair of cheeks. We're talking about the butt. We can never forget the time when we would feel super cute in our bikinis and then
Meet your acne-busting warriors.
Quick science lesson: Salicylic acid is a type of BHA that is known for its zit-sapping ability. It can expunge stuck dirt and sebum in the pores while renewing the skin's surface. This is the major reason you spot
Emotional breakdowns in the bathroom mirror? Bye to all that.
Hi, hello, and welcome to your safe space for all things hormonal acne, hosted by me, your queen of stupid, frustrating, mind-numbingly annoying breakouts. Do you think you've cried in the mirror over some zits? Um, I've launched full-
Add one to your night routine!
If you have acne-prone skin, you would know that treating zits is only half the battle. Oftentimes, pimples leave behind marks on the skin. While most dark spots, otherwise known as hyperpigmentation, will fade on their own over time, there are
All the tried-and-tested solutions, right this way.
We get it. It could be tempting to squeeze out the blackheads on the nose using your fingers just to get them removed. But, this method will spread bacteria, cause inflammation, and even scarring. TL;DR: Just forget about popping them by
Make 'em disappear pronto.
First things first: It's normal to have acne, and you should never be pressured to have clear skin. But if you want to get rid of them or manage them, that's totally fine, too. You do you!We
Those Pinterest hacks need to stay in Pinterest.
We've read a lot of Pinterest hacks that say baking soda can be a great DIY facial ingredient. While these recipes may seem practical and effective, baking soda is better left out of our facial care routines. But this is
It's time to evaluate your food choices.
While acne may develop because of our environment and genetics, lifestyle habits like diets can trigger breakouts. Here we break down the foods that may cause pimples. Please note that these are just general guidelines, and there are not enough studies that
Spoiler alert: It can soothe and treat pimples!
Wouldn't it be nice if a pimple would just disappear upon command? Sadly, this isn't the case. We could either wait for it to heal on its own, visit a derma to have it zapped, or apply a
Know more about Dr. Issa Cellona's teenage skincare 101 book here!
The world of skincare can be overwhelming. All the ingredients and technical terms can be too much for newbies, especially teens. Thankfully, there's now a book that answers all the skincare FAQs, and the best part is that it'
Everything you need to know, right this way.
Whiteheads are just as annoying as regular zits because they eventually "mature" into fully grown pimples. If you're absolutely determined to get rid of these bumps, read on to find out ~*everything*~ you need to make them go away for
Legit everything you've ever wanted to know about zit injections.
Fact: I've probably gotten 30+ cortisone shots in my adult life-and I freakin' love them. No, I don't have a kink for needles-I just have a super-sensitive face that can't tolerate traditional acne treatments. So whenever
When you've tried everything and nothing happens, go for this approach!
Breakouts happen when our internal bodily functions get messed up. It really isn't just about the dirt, bacteria, and oil that "mix" on your face, but it's actually more of how your system *reacts* to them. So, more
Check the label.
The pimples may have gone but unfortunately, they tend to leave marks and scars on your skin. Don't panic or be disappointed yet because there is still hope. You just have to be label-savvy and keen with the products
Clear skin is just a handful of products away.
Breakouts are undeniably stress-inducing in their own right, but their byproduct scarring can have just as much of an impact on your self-esteem. Scars seem more permanent than blemishes and are often trickier to treat. Thankfully, there are several targeted
Tip #1: Be patient.
I've dealt with blackheads since I was a teen, and it took decades before I finally managed them. I still do get occasional dark dots on the nose and the forehead, but over the years, they've reduced their
Everything you need to know, straight from the experts.
As someone who has struggled with acne on and off for the last 10 years, I can tell you straight up that the most effective thing you can put on your face to treat your breakouts is retinol. No shade to salicylic
Let's decode.
We understand the anticipation of anti-acne skincare products to work their magic. However, like all things in life, we must be patient and wait for the pimples to slowly go away. But if you think the process is taking too long,