The Senator said the President's kiss in South Korea was 'just like acting.'
Dingdong Dantes rebuked Senator Sherwin Gatchalian's comments that President Rodrigo Duterte's kiss with a married woman during his visit in South Korea was similar to married actors kissing in movies and TV shows."I think for as long
Alden took on the role of renowned screenwriter, Boni Ilagan.
On Sunday September 17, in commemoration of the 45th year since the declaration of Martial Law, social media raved about Alden Richards' extraordinary portrayal of activist and screenwriter, Bonifacio Ilagan in Alaala, a GMA Network special documentary featuring the plight of young
Headlines, hot news, and conversation starters on May 9, 2017!
1 The 2017 MTV Movie and TV Awards made history by making their acting awards gender-neutral. This means that there were no Best Actor and Best Actress awards given out-just a Best Actor. Beauty and the Beast star Emma Watson
Makes sense.
Here's a quick recap of what's happened since Suicide Squad came out a few weeks ago: Method actor Jared Leto gives out gifts to help (?) his method acting. Suicide Squad gets bad reviews. Fans are pissed at the bad reviews 
What a way to change directions!
One Direction star Harry Styles has reportedly been offered a role in Christopher Nolan's upcoming film Dunkirk.The singer's group is currently on hiatus and the 22-year-old singer has spoken about his desire to act in the past.
'I was proud of my accomplishments, but I wasn't genuinely happy.'
Work isn't everything for model and actress Cara Delevingne.While the model and actress is a a clear success by anyone's standards, Cara no longer sees excelling in her job as the only path to happiness. Instead the 23-year-
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