Gal Gadot isn't the only one.
ICYMI, Wonder Woman is killing it at the box office. But even more amazing is the fact that Gal Gadot proved to be a real Amazon warrior-even doing reshoots for the movie while she was pregnant!But our wonderful Gal isn'
Not into medieval fantasies? Here are four names for you: Charlie Hunnam, Jude Law, Eric Bana, and wait for it—David Beckham.
Who doesn't know the story of Arthur of Camelot? This adaptation by British director Guy Ritchie has Arthur growing up in a brothel, living and fighting on the streets of Londinium. He's kind of the really hot bad
You've never seen her like this before.
Anne Curtis can literally do it all. The multi-hyphenate superstar has been undergoing serious training for her new action film Buy Bust.For the past few months, Anne's been documenting her process on IG-and she is the real deal.
Check out the new comedy, horror, action, and drama films that will keep you entertained for the rest of the summer.
The summer blockbuster season may be almost over, but there are still lots of great films you can look forward to catching in the cinema! Call up your guy, barkada, or family and make plans to unwind with a movie this month.
The box office heats up with six must-see blockbusters this summer! From romance and comedy to action hero flicks, you have reasons to hit the cinema each weekend!
Escape the heat this summer by cooling down at the cinema! April is a good month to book a movie date with your man, your girlfriends, and your whole family. There's a great selection of films you can enjoy in the
There's at least one new movie you can catch every weekend of March, starting on the 9th. If you'll be in town at all, set a movie date!
Have a blockbuster summer by booking a movie date with your man, your barkada, or your family every weekend of March. If you don't have out-of-town trips planned yet, escaping to a fantasy world in the movies with people
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