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'We can't just continue living as if there was no tomorrow because there is a tomorrow.'
Time Magazine has revealed their 2019 Person of the Year: Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old Swedish activist known for her "climate strikes" and powerful speeches. You'll recall that Greta delivered a rousing speech at the United Nations Climate Action Summit
'If you know your rights, you can take steps to make sure you can live according to YOUR preferences.'
Hi, I'm Rej. I'm married, and I have a beautiful eight-month-old son named Lucas.I've always wanted to be a mother, and now that I have my son, I can tell you that motherhood is wonderful, intense,
Watch and be inspired by this artist activist who longs for the day when the word "artist" can truly apply to both man and woman.
A Fun Fearless Female 2010 Awardee, this artist and filmmaker tells Cosmo about her greatest achievement--something she wants for all women, too.