The best part? The sizes are inclusive!
If 2020 is the year you plan on dedicating more time, money, and effort to your health, part of that could include exercising in clothes that empower you to get up and put in the work. Adidas' all-new Spring/Summer
It's for Beyonce's clothing line with a major sports lifestyle brand.
Fans of 2NE1 are in for a treat. One of its former members, CL, just appeared in a promotional video with Beyoncé. Wow!The K-Pop star took to Instagram to share the big news. She captioned the post with a bee
We're obsessed.
There's nothing like classic sneakers that have stood the test of time, but we especially love when OG styles get updated. We recently spotted a popular pair that just got a chic makeover: Adidas' beloved tennis shoe, the Stan
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While white sneakers remain a shoe rack staple because of their clean, goes-with-anything elegance, there are other colors that you can incorporate into your style that will also go with all your outfits. Black sneakers are a great option, but
Credit cards at the ready!
Having enough shoes is definitely not in our vocabulary. There's always something new to look forward to in the world of sneakers, so you better keep your eyes peeled for the latest and hottest pairs. Here, we've rounded
Get ready, because we might just see these sneakers everywhere!
Remember when Kendall Jenner bought a Contax T2, a vintage camera, that sold out instantly after she posted about it? Well, looks like Kylie Jenner has just done the same thing to these pair of retro sneakers:These gorgeous chunky sneaks are
Fans are boycotting the brand.
Well, this is awkward.Adidas is currently facing a whole heap of backlash on Instagram and Twitter after unveiling Kendall Jenner's newest ad for the sportswear brand.While this is no Pepsi fiasco, people are calling out Adidias Originals for using
These will shoot right up your wish list.
Two things that clearly define millennial fashion: white sneakers and cute patches. On their own, they're reason enough to post a cute flatlay or #shoefie on Instagram-put together, they warrant a social media posting frenzy that will no doubt earn
A new report also lists Louis Vuitton and Uniqlo at fourth and fifth place.
Your obsession with Nike's Cortez sneakers, H&M's on-trend and affordable clothing, and Zara's end-of-season sales is pretty valid, CGs-and there are numbers to prove it.Brand Finance, a leading consulting firm that uses marketing
They're more minimalist than ever, too.
You probably don't need another pair of sneakers, but just in case you're shopping around, we just found the most drool-worthy style. (And even if you made a no-buy pact, we're playing devil's advocate for you.)
If you ask me what I'm wearing on my feet right now, I would tell you, "Why, I'm wearing my 'a-DEE-das' Superstars of course and thank you for asking." Nothing strange there, I think
You really have no reason not to hit the pavement.
If there's one thing that really, truly motivates women to get active-aside from a super hot body, of course-it's the prospect of buying new fitness gear. Call it superficial, but it's true! Stylish clothes are a guaranteed
Now you can have a white Christmas!
Call your mom, dad, boyfriend-anyone who cares about you! Because if you haven't thought of what you want to receive this Christmas yet, well, we now have the answer. Just a few days shy of Christmas Eve, adidas dropped the
We can't all run like Quicksilver, but at least we can have his shoes.
Today is a great day to be alive, because Adidas and Marvel just joined forces to come up with a footwear and apparel line for kids and adults. Seems like the kids get to have more fun though, because their line includes
Proof that luxe sportswear isn't dead.
It's a match made in heaven, because British clothing brand Topshop just teamed up with Adidas Originals to create a 20-piece sportswear line! Topshop's Creative Director Kate Phelan said, "We want to keep the cool sportswear feel, and not
With a shoe this fetch, you will be forced to get off your ass and work out.
If you're the kind of girl who never exercises and thinks you look awkward in workout wear, listen up: Adidas came up with what they call the "greatest running shoe ever," and you will want to give it a try even
Celebrate your passion for running with new adidas kicks!
adidas launched the second phase of its #mygirls campaign in Southeast Asia, choosing actress, singer, and runner Karylle as the local campaign ambassador. Themed around girls' passion for running, the #mygirls campaign focuses and highlights one key insight-girls in Southeast Asia
Fabio Ide, Georgina Wilson, Heart Evangelista, and Daniel Matsunaga were spotted in Eastwood and Market! Market! recently. See the stylish reasons.
The hot young celebs who appear on Cosmo's covers and pages make quite a scene whenever they step out in public. We just love to see our favorite actresses and hunky models in the flesh, especially when they're just within
Not just for athletes and runners now, rubber shoes have crossed the line into <i>fasyon</i> territory! View our gallery of super cute sneaks you can strut around campus in style.
In a world of flip-flops and sky-high heels, most women reserve their rubber shoes for sweaty gym sessions, muddy outdoor concerts, or strolls with their pups around the park. But with marathons gaining popularity and sneaker designs becoming more fashionable,
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