Calling all cat lovers!
It's no secret just how much of an animal lover Heart Evangelista is. She even has a special place on her Instagram highlights just to showcase her advocacy for pet adoption. Her dog, Panda, also makes its occasional appearance on
All so cute!
On Instagram Stories, Heart Evangelista reminisced about the cats and dogs that she has fostered and found homes for. "Although I wasn't able to document all my loves, I want to say thank you to all the families that blessed my
Get ready to sob.
You better grab the tissues, because this story of identical twins who were separated at birth meeting each other for the first time is about to wreck you.WATCH: The story of two twins, separated at birth and how their families found
Pets just make everything all right!
Actor Liam Hemsworth has adopted a new furry friend-and it's all thanks to his animal-loving ex fiancée Miley Cyrus.The singer is known for owning quite a lot of pets, and it seems like Liam turned to his
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