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'Everyone's welcome here.'
The Victoria Court hotel chain scored points with its LGBT Pride Month ad. The tagline says it all: "Everyone's welcome here."Victoria Court uploaded the ad via Facebook on June 23, 2017. As of 11 a.m. on Tuesday, June 27,
These will make your day.
Our country's public service announcement (PSA) ads are more often misses than hits. Even with good intentions in mind, many of these ads end up tacky and dreary, thanks to the low-budget production and poor conceptualization. This year, PSA ads
Reporters were told not to ask her about it.
Kendall Jenner resurfaced for the first time since her tone deaf Pepsi ad this weekend at Coachella. The outfit she chose to make her debut in is delightfully scandalous-it's basically a sheer black body stocking with some butt floss. Behold
Who knew TV commercials could be so motivational?
PayPal - "There's New Money In Town"Dubbed as one of the best Super Bowl ads for 2016, PayPal's ad is a motivational kicker that would make you believe that the future is in cashless transactions. Bye bye, paper munz.Kentucky
Goosebumps, guaranteed.
Empowering ads don't always come our way. We're still flooded with ones that objectify women and that portray them as superficial beauty- or weight-obsessed people. The men don't have it easy either, with them being pressured to "be
Wish your man looks as stylish as these <em>papa-</em>ble celebs? Help him get hunky fashion-wise with these styling cues.