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Her problem began in the early days of quarantine.
Skincare, no matter how fun it looks, is actually a complicated thing to understand. There are certain products that should never touch your face unless a licensed dermatologist prescribes it to you. It's also important to read the label and
Spoiler alert: It may be the skincare product missing from your routine.
In a nutshell, exfoliating toners or acid toners improve skin texture with every use. Although the name may sound harsh or abrasive, its benefits are actually the opposite. Below, we discuss ~*everything*~ you need to know about exfoliating toners, including the best
Calm down that bad boy.
Cystic acne is the worst. Not only are they more painful, bigger, and redder than regular pimples, they also take longer to heal. While I recommend you immediately schedule an appointment with your derma the moment that bad boy pops up, you
Uh, these photos are actually insane.
I know, I know-it seems like every week, the internet finds a new magical acne treatment to freak out about. And though, sure, some of them are totally bogus (lookin' at you, toothpaste spot treatments), others are really, truly excellent, as
There must be something in the water...
Truth: We're a big fan of tried-and-tested beauty tips from the internet because we don't have to be the guinea pigs in case something horrible happens (half-joking). Today's discovery is not about some
Your skin will thank you.
Pimples appear whenever sebum, dead skin, and dirt clog the pores. This blockage then leads to infection, creating red, inflamed bumps-aka pustules-on the skin. Hormones and genetics may also contribute to acne breakouts.The best way to combat pimples is
Adios forever, zit!
If you're shopping for products to complete your anti-acne skincare regimen, read the label to check if any of these powerful pimple-fighting ingredients are included.This tackles the breakout from its root: It seeps into the oil glands
The before and after pictures are INSANE!
Anything to do with banishing acne will always get our attention, so when we saw Brianna Lopez's before and after post about her battle with the skin condition, we were floored! The model revealed on her Insta the exact products
Find out how she did it!
Raiza Contawi is known for her cool makeup tutorials. Her recent one was a Nadine Lustre-inspired look, which had us do a double-take because of the close resemblance! But for her latest video upload, she chose to talk about how
No, chocolate won't make your acne worse.
What really causes acne? Does it have something to do with our hygiene, food, or weather? Here, we debunk the most common myths about these stubborn spots.VIDEO EDITED BY: Trina ElefanteOriginal: 14 Acne Myths You Need To Stop BelievingFollow Ira on
Desperate times call for desperate measures.
You've heard of acne stickers-the little patches that can quickly banish a zit. These babies, unfortunately, are quite elusive. They're always OOS! But thanks to our IG stalking skills, we stumbled upon how to get rid of
As adult acne can be VERY confusing, let a skin doctor tell you the truth.
When do annoying spots suddenly become "adult acne?" Can you blame diet, lifestyle or genetics? Is makeup your friend or foe? And how can you really get rid of it? Instead of getting conflicting responses from a Google search, here Consultant Dermatologist,
And how to avoid them!
Leading London facialist and skin fixer to the famous Nataliya Robinson specializes in holistic and natural acne treatments. Cosmopolitan caught up with the celeb therapist for some insight into the surprising common causes of adult acne. From bowel movements to chemical peels,