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Well this is reassuring.
When you were a kid, you believed anyone over the age of approximately 21 was a fully-fledged adult, with a car and a house and their shit together. You set wildly futuristic deadlines for yourself, like obviously being married with at
Invest in lube and good vibrators.
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You keep telling yourself that 25 or 30 is the new 21.
If a mid-life crisis involves the emotional questioning of identity and self-confidence in your '40s and beyond, there's a lesser-known phenomenon called the quarter-life crisis. The typical age for a quarter-life crisis is 25, but it
'I should've arrived at the airport 4 hours early like my dad always does!'
1. Figuring out how to get through the airportBefore: You'd simply tail mom and dad, who are in charge of leading the entire family from the entrance, through all the confusing counters, and to your designated plane seats.Now: Bakit ang
When the opportunity to own a condo unit knocks at your door, make sure you work at getting everything you need to know.
No down payment, zero percent interest, no interest for up to five years, for as low as P10,000 a month-these catchy phrases that you often see on flyers and billboards selling condominium units are meant to catch your attention-and
How many of these do you already have?
When you look at your bedroom or your work space, do you have this nagging desire to get organized, but have no idea where to start? Ahead are five items to help you tidy up and get your life together:1. A
You win some, you learn some.
1. Showing up late and thinking it's okay or even cuteIt's laughable how much we rely on the concept of "Filipino time" whenever we're late to a meeting, appointment, or hangout. You can blame EDSA and the traffic all
It's different for everyone.
When do you really become an adult? Is there one big moment or move that welcomes you into adulthood? Seven Pinays give us their views on growing up:"Adulting is being mature enough to take on certain responsibilities that used to be
You know what feels better than sleeping in? Productivity.
1. Cancel your ~unused~ gym membership.It's May. You should be honest with yourself and just accept the fact that the gym membership you signed up for in January was an impulse buy. You got carried away by the idea of "
Are you finally ready to move out?
For many of us, moving out of the house is one of the most significant steps to take towards total independence. But we know how intimidating the real estate market can be, even if you're just looking to rent.We talked
Like your kilay!
1. Your dream jobYes, some people have both: a boyfriend and a dream job. But tbh, it's so much more important to get your shit together before you commit yourself to another person. Being passionate and slaying at work will give
If we're going to struggle no matter what we do, we might as well live good lives.
Everyone I know is a ball of anxiety. Everyone I know works too much, and doesn't have enough hobbies, and has to choose between exercising or hanging out with friends. Everyone I know has a fantasy backup life that they go
No regrets!
It's really easy to say, "Just don't give up." But we all know that letting go or moving on is a part of life. It doesn't make you less of a person or less worthy of love. We all
'I used to think when boys are mean to you, it means they like you. SO. STUPID.'
When we're young, we believe everything our parents tell us. After all, it's when we're most impressionable. Sometimes it sticks, but as we get older, much to their dismay, we form opinions of our own. We were curious about
It's for real! You guys are BFFs again! Not.
SENSING SOMETHING WRONG1. "Is it just me or did she just seen-zone me on Facebook and Viber?"You make kwento to her about something and then ask her how she is with her work, her family, and her string of boys.
It's time to make some changes.
1. You're always tired.It's one thing to be tired after a last-minute grind in the office, but if you're perpetually exhausted, then something needs to change. Your sleeping habits might be holding you back. Not only are
They’re living the dream.
Name: Camille PilarAge: 28Occupation: Writer; barista, El Union Coffee Current place of residence: San Juan, La UnionWhere did you live before moving to La Union, and what was your job then?I lived in an apartment in Kapitolyo, Pasig and worked at
Author Jennifer Weiner—whose new book of essays is out now—shares why you need to read her favorites ASAP.
Plum Kettle weighs 300 pounds. She's spent her life failing at diets, but she just knows her life will be perfect once she has weight-loss surgery and finally gets thin. Then she meets "the Jennifers," who open her eyes to
Have you ever had to do your homework the old-school way—with an encyclopedia?
ICYDK, millennials are "adults ages 18-35 in 2016," according to Pew Research Center. But with the wide age range it covers, obviously a career woman in her mid-thirties won't feel much of a kinship with, like, a high schooler.
Like, staying in a bad relationship for too long.
As I approach 30, I have a pretty solid idea of who I want to be when I get there. And even if the 3-0 is an arbitrary demarcation between youth and true adulthood, it's important to set goals for