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These past few months, I've come to the realization that I'm not so used to a quiet environment. I know it can be different for some people, but to be honest, sometimes I feel so unmotivated to do
'There's so much to learn from the world.'
When you're faced with an opportunity to live in a different country, how do you know if you're ready to take that leap? We know that leaving home is easier said than done, and that's why
A top Asian tech company placed first on the list.
In the world post-pandemic, reputation is just as important as profit margins when it comes to business. Potential workers, investors, and even the general public are looking for companies that provide work-life balance, competitive benefits, and an overall good experience
For the fields of Business Administration, Law, School of Government, and School of Local Governance.
It's never too late to learn more about a certain field, which is why plenty of graduates choose to take a master's degree. If you're hoping to take further studies in the fields of business administration,
Like Economics and Sociology.
Pursuing medicine as a profession takes years of preparation, and part of it is choosing a pre-med course that would help you lay the groundwork for that career path. Aside from the usual biology-heavy college majors that many aspiring doctors
From designing your space, to dealing with money, and more.
When she was 23 years old, Hazel Quing bought her first piece of land in Tagaytay. She invested in real estate property after launching her food and beverage business 11:11, which offers milk tea, lattes, and desserts. Now, at 24, the
Pink might just be our new favorite color.
There are many factors to consider when purchasing a new laptop-the price, the specs, the size, and all that other techy stuff you probably don't really understand-but if your first instinct is to examine what a gadget looks
Know more about the types of ID you can get and the benefits that come with it.
If you've previously applied for a job, you may have already encountered the words "PhilHealth identification." For those who are new to the workforce, this is often an unfamiliar term. Chances are, you've probably wondered: What's
All in all, the process took around an hour.
It's only been around a month since I moved back to New York for work. A lot has gotten lost in the mix of moving into a new apartment and starting a new job. And if not for the occasional post
Due to the pandemic, the office continues to operate but with reduced staffing.
Like many of us, you probably miss traveling and going on adventures. We get it, nothing beats the feeling of entering a plane and flying out to countries you've never been to before. Heads up, though: If you're
Some processes have slightly changed due to the pandemic.
Starting to drive can be one of the most exciting things you will ever experience while ~adulting~. But before you start getting on that driver's seat and hitting the road, you obviously need a driver's license-yes, like
The last day of voter registration is on September 30.
There are over 30 Robinsons Malls nationwide you can go to in the remaining days of Comelec's voter registration period. Pending the poll body's decision on its possible extension, Filipinos can registered to vote in 2022 until September
Is this an issue you're also struggling with in the workplace?
On top of the usual office slackers and irritating chismosas, can we all agree that there's nothing worse than a toxic boss? They have the ability to make your nine-to-five daily routine quite dreadful, and they can kill
The scholarship covers round-trip airfare tickets, tuition fees, and more.
After a tumultuous year, it feels like people are starting to open up to the idea of making big plans and pursuing their dreams again. People are shifting careers, investing in a small business, or simply moving to a different place to
'It's a big investment.'
Lately, we've noticed that some of our fave influencers have been moving out and vlogging about their ~adulting~ experience. There's Ashley Garcia who recently moved into her new condo; Ry Velasco who just bought a place of her
Consider this a sign to negotiate your salary or reconsider your career options.
Picture this: You're recruited as a graphic artist but your actual job title is "Marketing Manager." You have brand-building, analytics, and design tasks, and you have to move to Cebu-all for a monthly basic salary of P15,000.
What do you see when you think about your *perfect* job?
The past year has been tough for everyone-even more so for people trying to jumpstart their careers. Nonetheless, this generation's young adults are hopeful for the future. Below, 10 Gen Z Pinays share what their dream careers currently look
It's one government ID that all Filipinos are eligible to apply for.
When it comes to the wonderful world of ~*adulting*~, one thing you will always need is a valid government ID. In case you haven't noticed yet, you submit/present it for all kinds of things-job applications, bank transactions, travel
BRB, we're taking notes!
At such a young age, Ry Velasco is already making *significant* investments. Earlier this year, the 22-year-old content creator bought her first car. (In case you're curious, she got a luxury SUV-a BMW X1, to be exact-
The voter registration period will only be until September 30.
With only a month left before the voter's registration deadline, people are scrambling to finalize their records and make sure that they can vote in the upcoming 2022 Philippine presidential election. It doesn't help that about eight months