Here's a major life update from the actress and vlogger.
Following her real-talk vlog on bouncing back from debt, weight gain, and family issues, Lauren Young is sharing another life update. She reveals that she's now ready to move out of sister Megan Young's home, "not because we're
Well this is reassuring.
When you were a kid, you believed anyone over the age of approximately 21 was a fully-fledged adult, with a car and a house and their shit together. You set wildly futuristic deadlines for yourself, like obviously being married with at
Are you the Homebody Tamad, the Daydreaming Tamad, or the Rarely Tamad?
You're too ambitious to just trudge along day by day; in fact, you're out there speeding towards every goal and snapping up every opportunity that comes hurtling your way. You would do anything to make your visions of career success (
And she's learned from every single one of them.
Millennials are notorious for jumping from one job to another. Unlike the previous generations, staying with one company for 25 years just doesn't seem feasible (or even appealing) to us-even if it's the more stable or secure
Invest in lube and good vibrators.
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You keep telling yourself that 25 or 30 is the new 21.
If a mid-life crisis involves the emotional questioning of identity and self-confidence in your '40s and beyond, there's a lesser-known phenomenon called the quarter-life crisis. The typical age for a quarter-life crisis is 25, but it
'I got tired of seeing her face. Too many selfies!'
It's one thing to unfollow trolls and people you don't really know online. But what if it's someone you actually hang out with in real life? We surveyed people to find out what made them unfollow friends and loved
'I should've arrived at the airport 4 hours early like my dad always does!'
1. Figuring out how to get through the airportBefore: You'd simply tail mom and dad, who are in charge of leading the entire family from the entrance, through all the confusing counters, and to your designated plane seats.Now: Bakit ang
When the opportunity to own a condo unit knocks at your door, make sure you work at getting everything you need to know.
No down payment, zero percent interest, no interest for up to five years, for as low as P10,000 a month-these catchy phrases that you often see on flyers and billboards selling condominium units are meant to catch your attention-and
How many of these do you already have?
When you look at your bedroom or your work space, do you have this nagging desire to get organized, but have no idea where to start? Ahead are five items to help you tidy up and get your life together:1. A
Who knew 'grown-up' clothes would cost so much?!
When you were in college, unless you moved out early or got a part-time job, your parents probably covered all of your expenses. And we're not just talking about your textbooks and project materials. We mean everything; even if you
You win some, you learn some.
1. Showing up late and thinking it's okay or even cuteIt's laughable how much we rely on the concept of "Filipino time" whenever we're late to a meeting, appointment, or hangout. You can blame EDSA and the traffic all
It's different for everyone.
When do you really become an adult? Is there one big moment or move that welcomes you into adulthood? Seven Pinays give us their views on growing up:"Adulting is being mature enough to take on certain responsibilities that used to be
Tweet #Cosmo20 to share stories about how you dominated your defining decade!
Your 20s can be both thrilling and frustrating. Yes, it's when you finally taste true freedom, but it's also the first time in your lives when you're left to fend for yourselves. While desperately trying to figure out who
You know what feels better than sleeping in? Productivity.
1. Cancel your ~unused~ gym membership.It's May. You should be honest with yourself and just accept the fact that the gym membership you signed up for in January was an impulse buy. You got carried away by the idea of "
Use the hashtag #Cosmo20 and tweet us how YOU made the most of your defining decade!
Your 20s can be an extremely stressful and daunting time. Think about it: So far, it's the only point in your life that's *truly* unplanned. And that's when the universe swings hard. But success (or in some cases, survival)
Read this if you've been saying 'Yoko na mag-work, gusto ko na lang mag-travel' waaay too often.
You and your friends might whine "'Yoko na mag-work, gusto ko na lang mag-travel" all the frickin' time, but every morning, you're back at your office desks, succumbing to the daily grind. Here, we introduce you to four girls
Are you finally ready to move out?
For many of us, moving out of the house is one of the most significant steps to take towards total independence. But we know how intimidating the real estate market can be, even if you're just looking to rent.We talked
#Adulting and lovin' it!
If you have the financial capacity and the need for an automobile, buying your first car with your own money is definitely a milestone for any independent career girl. You shouldn't settle for anything less than the best you can
Switch off your lights and get creative!
Did you know that we touch our phones almost 3,000 times in a day? That's how dependent we are on our gadgets. But sometimes, don't you want to just go off the grid for a little bit? If you
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