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A good reminder if you're going through the same thing with a friend.
Who are the people you consider your closest friends? How long have you known them? Are they the same people you promised to be #BFFs with when you were younger? If you're lucky, the answer is yes. But as we
Rise and shine, my bbs!
We all have our own set of resolutions, things we'd like to do improve on this year. Some want to eat better and exercise more, while others have specific career goals they're hoping to achieve. But there are
Whether you're standing, sitting, or walking.
When we spend most of your waking hours staring at a screen, the last thing on our minds is to keep a good posture. We tend to slouch or lean over when we're busy on our laptops. Hunched shoulders and
Borrowing money is a business transaction.
Over the weekend, Pia Wurtzbach and her sister's falling out went viral after Sarah fired off a series of Instagram stories. Several of the posts touched on money. Lending money is tricky, even more so when it involves friends and
This is as realistic as it can get.
Oh, the pains that come with growing up/learning how to be an adult. Sometimes, you're stuck on the road and drenched in the pouring rain without an umbrella. Sometimes, you don't get along with your new housemates. Sometimes, your
Nakaka-relate din ba kayo?
When I was a kid, I always looked forward to the day when I would *officially* become an adult. At the time, being an adult seemed so ~cool~ to me. You get to travel, buy things that you only dreamed of having
Here's where to get them online.
Last month, I woke up with a crick in my neck. I tried to stretch the discomfort away, but I must've slept in a weird position for too long because it persisted. But then it kept happening; I later realized
Keep your clothes from stretching out!
Storing your clothes after laundry seems like a no-brainer task, but it pays to be mindful of what items you should either hang or fold, especially if you want your investment pieces to last. When folding or hanging clothing items, pay
We're just as excited as them!
Anna Cay confirmed her engagement to long-time boyfriend Geloy Villalobos on June 7, 2020 via IG live. The couple revealed that they will be getting married soon via a civil ceremony. They also shared that they will be moving to their
'Cause sometimes, you just need a different work space, amirite?
Some days, you spring out of bed, ready to tackle everything on your to-do list; and then there are days when you hit snooze on your alarm twice and roll around in bed for 30 minutes before finally willing yourself to
Banana bread and quesadillas? Yes please!
You can be the most clueless cook or baker and still make crepes or muffins. All you really need is a box of pancake mix! That's because pancake mixes already contain all the ingredients you need for baking: flour, a
It’s okay to not be exceptional.
Whether it's an actor, athlete, mogul, or musician, we all have idols we look up to. We marvel at their milestone-rich careers and sky-high net worth. We Google their California properties and European beach homes. We speculate the amount
Before I made the move, commuting took around two hours.
This year, I started a new job in BGC-a job I was, generally, very excited about. But as a commuter, my mind was moving at the speed of light. As I'm sure many commuters are aware, depending on where you'
Should I quit my day job and become an interior decorator or...?
So you've finally moved into a condo of your own. Congratulations on adulting! And your new pad is perfect except for one little thing: the living room is so itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny, it may as well be the size
This is for every person who loves to say, 'Sorry for the delayed response.'
And other things to keep in mind when you communicate online.
Have you ever asked someone a quick question on Facebook Messenger only to receive a response that's two paragraphs long?Two things usually happen afterwards: 1) You feel slightly guilty because it feels like they put more thought in their
Do you feel like you're not financially free? Read on.
Financial freedom: That's what everybody wants. Whether you're a fresh grad or a few years into the wonderful world of employment, everyone just wants to have enough room to breathe. If you're not sure what financial
Chin up, you're doing the best you can!
Have you ever had one of those "can't adult days?" It's a typical day when you'd rather stay in bed, watch your favorite series all day, and delay dealing with tasks related to adulting. Got bills
Here's a major life update from the actress and vlogger.
Following her real-talk vlog on bouncing back from debt, weight gain, and family issues, Lauren Young is sharing another life update. She reveals that she's now ready to move out of sister Megan Young's home, "not because we're
Well this is reassuring.
When you were a kid, you believed anyone over the age of approximately 21 was a fully-fledged adult, with a car and a house and their shit together. You set wildly futuristic deadlines for yourself, like obviously being married with at