We need to try this ASAP.
We love how celebs are now becoming more experimental with their makeup looks! Case in point: Instead of just adding black winged eyeliner to their lids, they're also applying a bright ~*blue*~ hue on their lower lash lines. The trend,
Take your cue from these stars and give that lash curler a break!
Eyelash extensions are cutting celebrity makeup routines everywhere in half, and the proof is all over social media. Heart Evangelista, Nadine Lustre, and Bela Padilla are only a few of the stars who have flaunted their bare yet fluttery lashes, but they
Here's how you can get festive with it.
From peaches to pinks and blues, celebs have been experimenting a ton with their eye makeup looks this year. The latest color they're into? Green, which is perfect because there's less than two months left before the holidays!
New movie, new hair!
A movie premiere is one of the best excuses to debut a new look, and that's exactly what Alessandra de Rossi did for her new film Through Night and Day. The actress finally unveiled what's behind the wigs
You can actually have fun with it!
As someone who loves to wear a rich and sharp cat eye every day, I can attest to the stress of getting the perfect flick-especially when it comes to making sure both cat eyes look the same. But here to remind
Jen Gerard of Gerard Cosmetics gives the best tip we've ever heard.
We always hear rules that dictate the "right" lipstick shade we should try, making us think twice before trying out a new lippie color. So, to settle this dilemma once and for all, we asked Jen Gerard of Los Angeles-based makeup
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