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Headlines, hot news, and conversation starters on August 3, 2017!
1 Kim Chiu sure is having the time of her life in Canada! On her IG account, she posted photos of her engaging in risky outdoor activities like skydiving and walking along the edge of CN Tower. Our Chinita Princess didn't
Experience Asia to the fullest!
With summer here and another long holiday coming up soon, you're probably already planning a trip to your favorite Asian country. Here are some adventurous things you can try while you're on your family or solo vacay:Aside from shopping,
This is the life!
Most of us have wished for it once or twice: to one day quit our job, travel the world, and live with excitement. It's not as easy as it sounds, of course. (Or is it?) For now, we can live vicariously
Time to get our passports ready!
We've got a new girl on our radar and she's none other than Louise Delos Reyes. Apart from her enviable sartorial choices, the actress-cum-blogger also has a knack for travel-and with her recent IG posts, we found
Booking a ticket STAT!
It's been a while since our favorite It Girls and Boys have gone on a vacation as a group, with most of them basking in their newly wedded (or engaged!) bliss. But sure enough, the gang planned another adventure in the
Looks like God's own vacay destination.
India is a destination right out of a storybook. There are the majestic monuments (the Taj Mahal is only one of many), the wild Bengal tigers that make up the fantastic beasts, and, of course, the colorful scenes to experience at the
Time for something different, ladies! #nomoresulking
Getting over a breakup is never easy; and while there are some who prefer to go out of town to forget the past, you actually don't have to go far to mend that fragile heart of yours. Here are seven places
Bucket list!!!
Instagram/mikaeldaezMegan Young and Mikael Daez jetted off to South Africa on Valentine's Day (how fab!) and went on their very first safari.The Kapuso couple, who've remained suuuuper private about their relationship over the years, posted pics of their
She's definitely a citizen of the world.
Globe-trotting superstar Anne Curtis has embarked on yet another #ANNEventure (so witty you are, Anne) and flew to her destination of choice: Japan!Based on her IG account, the actress-host is currently taping a special segment for noontime show It'
Aren't there more challenging questions than these?
1. OMG! That place looks so nice! Where is it?Secret!!! (Overpopulated places aren't fun.)2. Is it dirty there? Are there bugs?Well, they don't call it the "wild outdoors" for nothing.3. Isn't it hard and challenging
Calling all travel enthusiasts out there!
A travel competition organized by (a Philippine-based hotel booking website) and StopSleepGo (a U.K.- and Philippine-based vacation rental booking site), Juanderlust, is looking for that one person who has what it takes to go around the country
Nothing will beat the view from the peak.
1. Health benefits abound. You'll get your exercise and burn calories when you hike. Before you even start your hike, you'll have to train for it by doing pretty intense cardio. Hiking also lowers your risk of cardiovascular disease, prevents
Ain't no mountain high enough!
Looking for an adventure? Climb a mountain! In addition to being a really great way to work out and stay in shape (think: leaner legs and tighter abs), climbing mountains can be incredibly fun especially when you're in the company of
It's time to ditch your man, your friends, and OMG—your phone, for major alone-time. Why? Experts say it will rock your world... and change the way your brain works.
When Trey Ajusto, a 28- year-old trading executive, decided to go on a Luzon-wide road trip, she knew she wanted to go alone. "It was my way of challenging myself, to see and experience something different and get a sense
We dare you to explore all the what-could've-beens in your life. If you think it's too late, you're so wrong. Trust us: You can do anything...anytime you want.
Here's an exercise: Close your eyes. Count from one to 10. Think of a dream that you've been jonesing to fulfill. Is it building your own shoe empire? Publishing a novel? Moving to New York to attend fashion school? Visualize
Meet three of the handsome teams that embarked on an exciting journey through the Philippines.
Summer may be coming to a close, but there's still time to squeeze in a trip to see the local sights with your pals! If you're yearning to go on a fun road trip with your friends or family, you'
There's at least one new movie you can catch every weekend of March, starting on the 9th. If you'll be in town at all, set a movie date!
Have a blockbuster summer by booking a movie date with your man, your barkada, or your family every weekend of March. If you don't have out-of-town trips planned yet, escaping to a fantasy world in the movies with people
Don't have a clue how to spend these precious months of sunshine? Cosmo compiles the top activities you can try--and where to go. For a lot of them, you don't even have to leave the city!
It's that time of year again! The sun is scorching and the air is thick with anticipation as guys and gals everywhere gear up for a couple months of laidback, feel-good vibes. This is the time most barkadas go on
Our Argentinian hunk likes to live life to the fullest—be it by climbing mountains, swimming with sharks, or doing it in the MRT. This guy’s not for the faint of heart!
True happiness boils down to very simple, surprising essentials. Unlock the secrets to real bliss.