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Nothing will beat the view from the peak.
1. Health benefits abound. You'll get your exercise and burn calories when you hike. Before you even start your hike, you'll have to train for it by doing pretty intense cardio. Hiking also lowers your risk of cardiovascular disease, prevents
Meet three of the handsome teams that embarked on an exciting journey through the Philippines.
Summer may be coming to a close, but there's still time to squeeze in a trip to see the local sights with your pals! If you're yearning to go on a fun road trip with your friends or family, you'
Turn up the heat this summer by experimenting with these items while you do the deed.
1. A popsicle. Trace a sexy trail on his bod, then lick the same path over again.2. A waterproof mini vibrator. Make pool skinny-dipping even hotter by whipping it out to get yourself front of him.3. An
Summer is like the ultimate one-night stand: hot as hell, totally thrilling, and gone before you know it. Here are three tricks to keeping that spark alive.
1. Indulge in 24 hours of romance.As the days get longer, the amount of dopamine in your brain increases, stimulating your libido, says Andrew Goldstein, MD, co-author of Reclaiming Desire. Make an all-day date with your man. Wake up
Find out how much of your wild side guys <i>really</i> want to see...and how much will scare them away.
You've probably heard male friends sing the praises of girls who are "crazy in bed." But, there's such a thing as good-wild (he sees your uninhibited side) and bad-wild (he has to see a chiropractor or shrink after
If you want to try something new for your holiday <i>barkada</i> dinner, be adventurous and experience foreign cuisine and culture!
Do you want to try something different with your friends this holiday season? Check out this hole in a wall restaurant named Balkan along Perea St. in Legaspi Village, Makati (near Greenbelt 5) that serves Yugoslavian cuisine. Yep, Yugoslavian--as in Serbia,