It's fame with a purpose!
Anne Curtis has been a UNICEF celebrity advocate for children since 2014.In August 2017, Anne launched the Dream Machine, which allows people to send in their dreams, and also encourages those who can help to reach out and make others'
Miss U continues to fight for HIV/AIDS awareness—even if she doesn't post about it on social media.
Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurztbach used her Instagram account to address online haters who've been criticizing her for not posting more about her HIV/AIDS advocacy. Sure, she doesn't post every single thing she does as Miss U on Instagram,
Join Avon, the company for women, in helping break the cycle of domestic abuse through their "Speak Out" campaign.
Domestic violence is a devastating reality that affects Filipino homes, yet it's not a topic that is easily brought up in casual conversation. It goes beyond physical abuse, and can even affect young people who are forced to suffer in silence.
Using his popularity and his craft, Dong gets out of his comfort zone to help out in various causes. Doesn't he just look more adorable in your eyes?
Dingdong Dantes firmly believes celebrities can do more than entertain. So, aside from acting in movies and on television, he supports several causes that empower the youth and promote nation-building. Now, how's that for a heartthrob with a heart of
Grab the lipstick shades that music icons Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper love! You get to help a good cause, too!
Everybody is going gaga over Lady Gaga--and we know you're no exception, Cosmo chick! The pop diva's electrifying and shocking performances never fail to grab our attention and make us all want to dance. Her first single, "
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