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Crochet became a cool trend during the lockdown. We think it isn't going anywhere anytime soon, especially now that the summer szn is officially here. ICYDK, crocheting is a process that requires a hook and a yarn to create various
Staying in is the new cool.
Date night at home is underrated. Staying in is the new cool because 1) there is still a pandemic and 2) gas prices are at an all-time high. We promise it won't be boring or be just like the "
Meet your acne-busting warriors.
Quick science lesson: Salicylic acid is a type of BHA that is known for its zit-sapping ability. It can expunge stuck dirt and sebum in the pores while renewing the skin's surface. This is the major reason you spot
Let's put the 'U' in 'FUN'!
I get it. There are times when you just can't even have the energy to do a one-minute plank. That, my friend, happens to the best of us. We all have blah days when a workout seems like a
Welcome to Year 3 of the Cosmopolitan Philippines Hot List!
Hello there! Summer's just around the corner, and we're pretty sure that like us, you're starting to feel the ~heat~, especially now that we're somehow out and about again.For the third year in a row, we've
All the tried-and-tested solutions, right this way.
We get it. It could be tempting to squeeze out the blackheads on the nose using your fingers just to get them removed. But, this method will spread bacteria, cause inflammation, and even scarring. TL;DR: Just forget about popping them by
First things first: It starts with the proper mindset.
First things first. The concept of being sexy is subjective, and it really depends on the person. It's not about wearing revealing clothes or having a "banging body" as dictated by society's beauty standards. Being sexy is a *
At your own pace, ofc!
Before everything else, I'd like to remind you that it's not required to have a glow-up for the New Year. It feels like a tradition that should be followed, but it is really up to you! I
These products will deliver just the right amount of color to your pout.
If you want to give your pout a hint of color without it being too opaque and drying like a regular lipstick, we recommend going for the sheer variety. Not only does it deliver a natural-looking tint, it usually has moisturizing
So cute!
Angelina Cruz is a certified beach lover. The 20-year-old actress has been spending a lot of time in the sun this year, and we can't help but adore her swimsuits! What particularly caught our attention is her colorful
It's time for a change! ;)
The New Year is almost upon us, and you know what that means... it's the perfect time to change your hair color! ;) If you're going the DIY route, you're gonna have to *lighten* your hair color
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December 12 has entered the chat, aka the time when it's almost guilt-free to shop online, plus you've already gotten your 13th-month pay. This could also be the best chance to shop for Christmas gifts!We&#
These aren't sticky, I promise!
I remember when I first encountered lip oil. It reminded me of a lip gloss, only it's focused on keeping the pout nourished (like a lip balm, I guess?). I've been seeing girls loving lip oils in my
Super-charge your skin.
Good skin will always be in. Plus, I've noticed that in 2020, Pinays were more focused on taking care of their skin. Another trend I witnessed rising in 2021 is Skinimalism! People were comfortable in embracing their real skin-pores,
We want all of the colors!
Fact: A good pair of earphones is a *must-have* if you have online classes or you work from home. Not only does it allow you to talk and listen in on your calls, but it's also great for blocking
Pink might just be our new favorite color.
There are many factors to consider when purchasing a new laptop-the price, the specs, the size, and all that other techy stuff you probably don't really understand-but if your first instinct is to examine what a gadget looks
You won't regret it, I promise!
I totally understand if you're iffy to wear candy colors or mix and match different hues when it comes to your makeup look or outfits. Playing with rainbow shades can be intimidating, especially you're used to wearing neutral
These simple habits help keep me sane.
If you've ever stumbled upon astrology Twitter or TikTok, you'll know that people consider Mercury retrograde to be a *big* pain in the bum. ICYDK, Mercury usually goes in "retrograde" (aka it appears to go backward in its
They recently partnered with Stacey Bendet, CEO of top fashion house alice + olivia.
I don't know about you guys, but don't you just love it when Starbucks collabs with your fave brands and artists? ICYMI, there was one with BTS, another with Pinoy artist Patrick Cabral, and even Australian luxury sunglasses
Invest in white anything!
Confession: My bedroom isn't exactly Instagrammable. I've got wardrobe cabinets, shelves, and a chest of drawers which make my room look stuffy and suffocating. But since I find joy in taking shelfies (check out Cosmoph Beauty IG, please),