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Don't let those rotational brownouts disrupt your work flow!
Whether rotational brownouts are disrupting your work flow or storms are cutting off power supply for hours on end, investing in a good power station or mini generator can save you from dealing with the hassles of having your electricity cut. If
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And just like that, we're already halfway through 2021. What a year it has been so far, amirite? These past few months sure haven't been easy on all of us, but if there's one thing we *
It's such a game-changer!
As a morning person, I always make it a point to start my day right with a good cup of coffee. Aside from keeping me awake, it's my ~survival juice~ especially during times when I need to be extra productive.
Your ultimate guide is here.
If your goal is to finally achieve dewy skin, look no further. Here is your ultimate guide to getting that healthy glow, whatever your skin type is.The term "dewy skin" has been around for decades. It has even evolved to these
It's super gentle on the complexion.
Listen, I get it. Coming up with a skincare routine for sensitive skin can be a huge pain in the ass. It can get frustrating because having this skin type means dealing with not only the usual issues-like acne, oiliness, and
If you've always wanted to wear lipsticks but your pout is always dry and chapped, I've got you covered! Here are the best tips and products that will help keep your lips look supple and soft.Ask yourself
You deserve it!
What's the first thing you do when you get your sweldo (or let's say, a lil' extra money in general)? If you're being a responsible adult-and I sure hope that you are-you'
I gotchu, fam!
I've lived with oily skin all my life. I think I've done almost everything to manage the shine and zits. I've tried shine-controlling toners, spot treatments, anti-acne facials, and invasive procedures like lasers and
Gudetama, Pompompurin, My Little Twin Stars, Cinnamoroll, or My Melody?
Hi, hello, today, I discovered something that marries my two favorite things: Sanrio and makeup! My childhood self is screaming in excitement because the newly-released Perfect Diary x Sanrio MagicStay Collection is literally everything I have ever dreamed of. Beauty brand
Time to set up your own home theater.
One thing I miss most about my life pre-pandemic is being able to freely go out and watch movies in the cinemas. I don't know about you guys, but watching new trailers and snacking on popcorn all while staying
Trust us, it's a must-have home appliance.
While some people may not be a huge fan of cleaning, I personally enjoy it. TBH, nothing beats the feeling of seeing an organized workspace and a spotless, shiny mirror. But most of all, my ~biggest achievement~ would have to be getting
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Depending on my mood, there are times when I'm extra motivated to do physical activities just to kill boredom. Sometimes, I like to ride my indoor cycling bike or even go out for walks around my neighborhood (while wearing my
Because is proper sleep is self-care.
In 2020, I focused on having a morning routine so I can have a productive day ahead. But lately, I noticed that waking up early and recharged is becoming difficult again. I reevaluated my day from the moment I wake up until
Your complexion will thank you!
For a lot of people, 2021 is the year they decided to ~invest~ in their skin. Nope, this doesn't necessarily mean dropping half your salary on that buzzy face serum the internet can't stop talking about, but it&#
There are so, so many choices out there.
Perhaps the only good thing about quarantine is having more time on our hands to do things we like. Of course, that's only true if your job doesn't require you to work longer hours or if you don&#
It's the 'new glow up.'
I first came across the term "skinimalism" in a Popsugar article. It was declared that skinimalism will be he biggest beauty trend of 2021. Pinterest also said that "skinimalism" is the new glow-up everybody will be embracing. This buzzy word has
Nothing above P3,000!
Espresso machines used to be really expensive and can usually only be spotted in coffee shops or to those who are really ~serious~ about caffeine. Today, though, there are coffee makers available for every budget, so you can get the café experience
It's one of the milder acids in the AHA family!
Want to move beyond your ~basic~ skincare routine? It's time to introduce chemical exfoliants to your regimen! Now before you add that buzzy, internet-famous product to your shopping cart, we should let you know that you should do your
This is your sign to sort out your clothes.
One of the things I hate doing is organizing my clothes and fixing my closet. Since I have a small closet and a *lot* of clothing, most of them just end up in random piles, and I never really get to go
Elevate your look in seconds.
Nothing beats the appeal of classic style because it's timeless, chic, and universally flattering on anyone. All you need is a solid wardrobe foundation and a creative mind and a few cool add-ons to make sure that your outfits