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Whiteheads are just as annoying as regular zits because they eventually "mature" into fully grown pimples. If you're absolutely determined to get rid of these bumps, read on to find out ~*everything*~ you need to make them go away for
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Hello there! It's that time of the year again when the Cosmopolitan Editors review hundreds of beauty and wellness products in the search for the *best* ones that are worth your hard-earned sweldo. This year's theme is
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If you want to brighten or even out the skin tone on your elbows, knees, butt cheeks, and singit, body exfoliators or scrubs are your new best friend. They're usually made with ingredients like coffee grounds and walnut shells that
Let your skin breathe.
We're fortunate to live in a time when skinimalism is in: Acne, skin texture, pores are normal. These are not meant to be hidden anymore or be considered flaws. These conditions happen to everyone, and they should be normalized. Skinimalism
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If we're on the subject of having a perfect smile, Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray should be our go-to expert. Her enchanting smile looks natural and relaxed, and we have to say, she's got a neat set
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If you have a small room, one of your main concerns is probably how to maximize your space without making it look too crowded. Aside from your bed, one of the biggest pieces of furniture you might have in your room is
It's the perfect night light!
Here at the Cosmo HQ, we're always searching for items that can make your home look ~*aesthetic*~. We've discovered that lamps can be a great addition if you want to liven up your spaces with some color or
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Since September has entered the chat, I've been busy browsing the listings on the Lazada app just to find the best deals for the 9.9 sale. Yep, I'm all geared up to spend my hard-earned money
Yep, a booty 'facial' exists.
Skincare for your butt? Who knew?I find it really cool that we're paying more attention to the skin in areas other than our face. First, it was underarms then there was an obsession with singit (or bikini area + inner
The secret to having long, healthy hair is here.
Have you felt impatient waiting for your hair to grow? Like you're done with your bob haircut stage and you're ready to move on to long, layered hairstyles.I've been there, too! Hair does grow, but
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A meme about going into Watsons and spending hours in the store lives rent-free in my head because I could totally relate. I lose track of time every time I enter Watsons because being around beauty products gives me a high.
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Let's be real: We all enter Watsons with the thought of only buying one item, but we always end up exiting with bags full of new items to try, LOL! Whether you're browsing through their physical store, website, or mobile
Plus, how I revived my dry, damaged strands.
I've been talking to a number of people who are thinking of going blonde just to ~feel things~. The Philippines has been on lockdown since March 2020, so I'm guessing some are craving change just to keep things
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We've been brushing our teeth our whole lives, but it pays to know the best ways you can maximize your oral health. Below, we discuss an effective oral care routine that will help prevent tooth decay, gum issues, and bad
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I think we can all agree when I say that being prone to having greasy hair is the worst-especially when you're trying to lengthen the days between your designated wash days (a must for girls with colored hair, TBH!)
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In January, we rounded up some cool chair cushions you can shop in Manila right right now-some with adorable designs, others with high-quality ergonomic construction, depending on your needs and preferences. The product (in all its many forms and designs
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Hey there! 8.8 is almost upon us and you know what that means: It's time to ~treat yourself~ for all the hard work you've been doing. We're sure you already have your go-to beauty
The brand also has watermelon soju, wow!
There's no denying how soju has became a staple in our supermarkets and convenience stores. What's commonly sold in the Philippines are peach, blueberry, green grapes, and strawberry-flavored soju, while there are also more unique soju flavors
Make your workspace look extra pretty!
Ever since our company transitioned to a work from home setup, I've made an effort to redecorate my room and create a workspace that I'll love. Since it's an area where I spend most of my
Give your rice cooker a break for now.
As someone who is *obsessed* with food, most of my favorite dishes fall under Italian and Japanese cuisine. TBH, I will never get tired of eating pizza, pasta, sashimi, and ramen. But I gotta admit: As a Pinay, nothing beats a good