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From plants, to shoes, and more.
Raise your hand if you love all things pink. Whether it's bright or pastel, there's just something about this hue that's so *aesthetic* and eye-catching. It's a popular choice when it comes to
Because, yes, *everything* needs a label.
Part of the reason why we love watching celebrity home tours is because, well, it gives us a glimpse into what their personal lives look like, but also, everything is just so, so organized. I was ecstatic when Julia Barretto took posted
Easy hacks and instant solutions, right this way.
Good day, friends. I bring you a tamad-girl-friendly guide on how to get smooth, shiny hair without getting a salon treatment. Trust me, regardless of your hair texture, this handy dandy guide will help you score the most Instagrammable hair
Ok but srsly, NEED.
Okay, so we've heard about heating coasters that will keep your coffee warm for hours. Well, our latest discovery is the next best thing: electric lunch boxes! With this kind of kitchen appliance, you'll never have to eat
I did three tests in the name of ~science~.
Let's rewind to what my life was like pre-COVID: I was busy with theater shows, Poblacion nights with friends, and occasionally, a date with a cute guy. With all of this going on, you bet I was on-point, especially
Help is on the way!
Sometimes, we think that layering skincare products on our faces will speed up our journey to clear glowing skin. Sadly, it could be the opposite. There is a possibility that we overdo skincare, especially when the products are loaded with the best
There's no need to be pressured to have 'perfect' skin.
Y'all were into glass skin in 2019, and it's to move on to another trend that is perfect for 2021's low-key, real-girl aesthetic. Meet "transparent makeup" or skin minimalism, the next obsession that'
Better together!
I've been a beauty editor for many years now, but I do admit that I still get confused with mixing and matching products for my routine. There are certain actives when layered over each other do more harm than good.
Don't be afraid of moisture!
When I was younger, I was scared of seeing the words "hydrating" and "moisturizing" in product labels. I've got oily skin, so I assumed that these formulas will leave my face shiny and full of breakouts. I'm glad
They're so easy to make!
Hi! It's me, your carb-obsessed, sweet-toothed editor. Lately, I've been binge-watching Korean and Japanese vlogs which led me to be curious about one particular snack: Japanese fruit sandwiches, aka Japanese fruit sandos!In Japan, they
It's perfect for your *minimalist aesthetic.*
Coffee lovers have spent a good part of the quarantine period in Metro Manila rediscovering their love for caffeine in new ways-most notably, by learning how to whip up their favorite brews at home. While coffee shops in and around the
You *need* these!
As a self-proclaimed hair coloring junkie, I've tried pretty much every hue I wanted-from blonde, blue, pink, purple, green, silver, ashy periwinkle, and even split dye a few months back! (I blame quarantine, lol). If there's
Switch on your skin's natural radiance.
Vitamins can do a lot for our skin, whether they come in topical or oral supplement form. They can help us get that lit-from-within-glow-aka that "blooming ka, are you in love?" radiance. If you're intrigued about
It's actually a pretty common skin concern.
Hello there! Let's talk about pimples today-specifically, those that pop up around or even *on* your brows. While we know that getting zits on your face is a fairly common occurrence, it becomes weird when it erupts in the
Summer 2021 isn't canceled after all.
Ever since I saw Kathryn Bernardo posted her black swimsuit looks, I became convinced that summer isn't canceled: I can still refresh my swimwear collection, especially if it comes in a one-piece style.Aside from being ultra-flattering on
Minimal effort, maximum impact!
NGL, glowing skin became a goal of mine ever since strobing became a thing (That's 2015, you guys!). The desire got even magnified when "glass skin" became a global obsession.I mean just take a look at these glowing babes,
So, so good!
These days, the only makeup products I willingly use when I have to go out are my brow pencil and mascara. This is why I'm always on the look out for the next great eye product, because hey, makeup still
Meet your new wardrobe staple.
I think I can count on one hand the times I wore a bra since the quarantine has started. I stayed at home most of my 2020 (Team Bahay FTW). Wearing a bra felt like imprisoning my boobs: Constricting and damn uncomfortable.
Get a clear, glowing complexion with minimal effort.
I'm a fan of taking care of my skin to the best of my abilities. I never liked being a slave to trends, especially when it requires me to buy *every* product release I see going viral on TikTok or
It can grant you glowing, smooth skin!
We all find ourselves scrolling through random areas of TikTok. Me? I'm currently stuck on the Queen's royal guards and learning what they can actually see through their giant fluffy bearskin hats. (And boomers think the app is