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Spread the holiday cheer!
Food paves the way to people's hearts like no other category can-after all, we all eat not just for fuel but also as a way to connect with other people. And there's nothing like the joy sparked
Including cake, ice cream bars, donuts, and more!
Christmas, as they say, is a time for giving and sharing. But for the dessert-lovers out there, it's also the most wonderful time of the year to indulge in all things sweet! We're approaching the end of
They have sushi, sashimi, ramen, and more!
Is it any wonder Japanese food is such a hit with Filipinos? With its umami-rich character, it appeals to the local love for flavor-and paired with the emphasis on quality, it's the kind of cuisine that pleases both
They're perfect for the 'gram, too!
It's been almost a week since Taylor Swift's newest album, Red (Taylor's Version), was released and TBH, we've still got the album on repeat! That 10-minute version of "All Too Well" really hit
We want them all!
It's the most wonderful time of the year! With the holidays just right around the corner, Starbucks is definitely giving us more reasons to get excited for 2022. Introducing: the Starbucks' 2022 Traditions merchandise! This season, they're
They're almost too cute to eat!
Growing up, one of the first few Pinoy desserts I've ever tried were pastillas. Just in case you aren't familiar with what they are exactly, pastillas are a sweet delicacy that's made from the most basic
These drool-worthy versions are the apple of our... pie.
Though not quite as popular as cake in these parts, pie definitely ranks high on our list of swoon-worthy desserts that are as lush as they are varied. Consisting of a crust and some sort of filling, pies can be fruity
You can even bring your fur babies!
Do you save your weekend plans for going out? If you plan on going to Rizal during one of these weekends, we have a suggestion to add to your itinerary. Tipulo, named after the Tipulo tree and the city, is a restaurant
It's a quick and easy upgrade to your fave noods.
Another day, another TikTok food trend discovery! This time, it's an upgrade to your favorite instant noods. Yes, I'm talking about pancit canton, a *classic* in every Pinoy's pantry, LOL. If you've been scrolling
From the folks behind Design Story!
Call it our way of coping with the hectic nature of modern life, if you will, but hanging out at a café with great interiors does serious wonders for the soul. The change of environment can give your spirits a lift-especially
These pancakes are so extra!
Gram Café & Pancakes just launched their Premium Cool Chocolate Sandwich series which includes three new pancake sandwiches.If you're a huge fan of chocolate with strawberries, one of the new pancake sandwiches is the Chocolate Hazelnut with Strawberry Cream (P135).
TBH, we can imagine eating this with rice.
There's no denying that Filipino food is getting the recognition it rightfully deserves. There are tons of chefs and OFWs who are bringing Pinoy food into the spotlight. One of the many inspiring stories include the Pinoy who earns P800,
It'll make you feel like you're one of the characters in the series!
Have you watched Netflix's Squid Game? We're sure you've seen posts of the gigantic creepy doll from episode one and memes of the red button and green button. There are also all the funny photos referencing
Talk about the perfect K-Drama binge companion.
Fried chicken comes in a couple different variations around the world, but the Korean style ranks pretty high up as one of the best. It delivers a fierier, more umami bite than regular ol' Western fried chicken, making it a fast
Patience is a virtue, but sometimes you just want the sandwich RN.
If you've been on social media lately or even just streamed K-Drama Hospital Playlist, chances are you've come across the trendy Korean dish known as egg drop sandwiches. With creamy scrambled eggs and other fillings like ham,
Btw, they also have a truffle steak sandwich that's *chef's kiss*!
If you're still not over Hospital Playlist, because there's a very real possibility that we'll never move on, then take comfort in Uju's favorite food: egg drop sandwiches! Yes, we've raved about
Treat yourself this sweldo weekend.
It's not every day that you could get a cookie and get another cookie (of the same size!) for free. And I'm telling you guys, you better act fast because Twenty Four Bakeshop is celebrating their second year
Treat yourself!
Are you getting tired of the usual ice cream that's available in your go-to supermarket? Why not expand your rotation and try ice cream from Japan? Check out Meiji Strawberry Chocolate Ice Bar at New Hatchin Japanese Grocerant!These
It'll be available for a limited time only!
We know: Fries are great, but who could ever say that Twister Fries aren't a million times better? The return of McDonald's famous Twister Fries are always a much-awaited event. Well you guys, brace
They're almost too pretty to eat!
Whether you're celebrating a special occassion or not, you can never go wrong with eating cake. Believe me, there's always room for dessert! And if I were to be completely honest, I'd even think that cakes