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Cheers to our favorite quarantine trends!
Every day, we encounter products that help improve our lives. You've probably been also "budol-ed" by recommendations of your friends, people in Facebook groups, or influencers. These recos are actually cool because they are real reviews, aka these are
Go ahead and treat yourself.
You can never go wrong with Korean food because there's just so much to love about the cuisine. TBH, we love a good serving of kimchi, tteokbokki, jjajangmyeop, and more. And when it comes to alcohol, you already know that
Family-sized mashed potatoes? Yes, please!
Sometimes, we just need our fast food fix, especially with the lockdown and all. Thankfully, efficient delivery systems are in place so we can give in to our cravings every now and then, and safely, too (thank you, kuya riders!).If you&#
It's the ice cream collab of our dreams.
We're officially salivating. That's because dessert shop The Lost Bread just revealed its newest creation: Lily's Peanut Butter Brownie Fudge Ice Cream! Squeal.The collab between the two brands features the flavors of diced roasted peanuts
Your favorite snack is now a dessert.
Lotte's Pepero comes in different flavors like Chocolate, Strawberry, White Cookie, Cream Cheese, Double Dip Yogurt, and Sweet Potato. If we're talking about a popular Pepero flavor-arguably, the best-nothing beats the Almond-flavored Pepero. The biscuit
They're also too pretty to eat!
Chocolate chip cookies, ube doughnuts, and tres leches cakes are all great options for when you want to treat yourself. But you know what else deserves your attention? Desserts with fruits! Apart from looking *too pretty to eat*, aaminin ko, eating these
Yup, you can even have it spiked with a bit of alcohol. ;)
From experience, there's not a problem in the world that a good serving of ice cream can't fix. I don't know about you guys, but aside from it being the best ~pampalamig~ treat ever, getting to
It's the classic Pinoy dessert with a twist!
When it comes to Pinoy desserts, there's a *special* place in my heart for halo-halo. Even if I see options like leche flan, buko pandan, and fruit salad on the table, halo-halo would still be top tier for
You can also have them delivered!
People wanting to reduce their meat intake will be happy to have another source of meatless food options.7-11 Philippines announced on March 29 that it's offering meat-free nuggets made from a blend of mushrooms, soy, and wheat.
Here's the story behind Lemonlime Manila's delish key lime pie.
Everyone and their mothers are familiar with the saying, "When life gives your lemons, make lemonade." But what if life gives you limes? For Bea Ocampo and her boyfriend Japee Baldonado, it was a sign to take their love of key lime
Sugar Ball offers a modern recreation of the traditional fruit dessert.
Some days, I want nothing more than a rich slice of strawberry shortcake. And then there are times when I can't seem to think of anything but kutsinta. But these cravings come and go. What remains constant, though, is my
Dark chocolate lovers, you don't want to miss out.
In the world of desserts, brownies are top-tier for me. Even just one bar brings so much satisfaction. And as someone who's had her fair share, I can tell you that good homemade brownies are hard to come by.
Some of these ingredients might already be in your kitchen!
With the ongoing lockdown, the sad reality is that we can't dine in and hang out at our favorite cafes and restaurants-milk tea shops included. As a huuuge milk tea lover, this is kinda heartbreaking, lol. But thanks to
I wasn't alone in feeling this sudden urge to make bread.
I've always liked baking-I found cooking tedious, from the chopping and preparing ingredients for the mise en place to standing over a stove waiting for things to simmer and brew. I wasn't very patient if I had
Your mornings are about to get a whole lot better.
People always say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and as a morning person, I couldn't agree more. In fact, a recent study even shows that eating a big breakfast burns twice as many calories as
You *need* to try this recipe!
Continuing her farm life series (ok, to clarify, we don't know if it's actually a series but it definitely should be!!), Bea Alonzo is back with another video that'll make you want to move to the
Enjoy this bowl in the comfort of your own home.
With everything that's been going on, sometimes, all you really want to do is to sit still and enjoy a delicious bowl of ramen-but not just any kind of ramen. I'm talking about the one that feeds
Milk, whomstve?
I love ice cream, but the problem is, I have to eat it when I'm at home. My tummy grumbles right away, even if I'm just half-through my cone. I am hyper-aware that I should consider
Add this to your list of must-visit cafes!
No need to fly all the way to Seoul just to visit their W: Two Worlds-inspired comic book cafe. In case you haven't noticed, a handful of similarly designed local shops are slowly popping up across the country to give
You only need a few ingredients!
Nothing beats the feeling of visiting your go-to restaurant or cafe and ordering your favorite drink. But since going out still has risks, more people prefer to just make their own drinks in the comfort of their home. We know you