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Norman learned this recipe from his lolo.
Earlier in July, Bela Padilla left the Philippines indefinitely, and she's been spending a lot of time in Europe-specifically Italy, where she reunited with her Swiss-Italian boyfriend Norman Bay. Apart from touring Firenze and taking road trips together,
Warning: Don't read while hungry.
One of the ways we, as a team, bond is through food. Before the pandemic, we'd go on coffee runs, walk to the Korean grocery nearby, or have dinner together after a particularly grueling day. These days, usually in the
There's *always* room for dessert.
If I could eat just one type of dessert for the rest of my life, it would probably have to be ice cream or gelato. TBH, there's nothing quite like the frozen treat and from experience, even a small serving
I tried Pringles' *passport flavors* for the first time.
Don't judge me, but one of my favorite things to do on Sundays is to prepare (or at least think about) my snacks for the week, LOL! It's a mini reward I look forward to when it'
Don't forget to bring your vaccine card, ofc!
As more people are getting the COVID-19 vaccine, those who are fully vaccinated get tons of perks when they dine-in or order for takeout from their favorite food establishments, while, of course, still practicing safety protocols.Free Lumpiang Shanghai Solo
You can have them delivered straight to your home.
The cooler weather has us craving all sorts of hot soups, and it doesn't get any more comforting than laksa. Its origins are complex (and have even been the subject of controversy), but today, it's popular across Malaysia,
They're perfect for the 'gram, too.
Nothing really beats the feeling of being in a cafe. Whether you go there to work, study, or simply get your favorite cup of joe, the ambience of a coffee shop can be just what you need to chill and relax. If
You won't forget the taste!
I've got big news! If you're a fan of sushi or sushi bake but want to try something else, check out The Blue Apron's Poké Tacos. Intrigued? Know more about this *cool* food innovation below:A
Here's the story behind Panahon Ko 'To Cafe.
Have you ever taken a bite or a sip of something and thought, "Oh..." before proceeding to think about what you'd change to make it better? For Pamela Rulloda, a former account manager at an international company, it happened randomly:
It's equal parts sweet, savory, smoky, and umami!
The Triple Cheese Doughnuts at Lola Nena's and Litson Baka at Andok's are both local eats with their own respective cult following, having enjoyed their share of the social media spotlight at different times. They're each
Here's the story behind Makulay Chips.
Whether you're under extreme stress or just in the mood to munch on something, unless you're an expert on self-discipline, chances are you're probably reaching for a bag of chips (or a snack that'
You've probably seen it all over your ForYouPage.
Thanks to TikTok, we've already tried the feta cheese + tomato pasta recipe and we've made our own spicy pickled garlic snack. This time, we're prepping our kitchen for this *new* ramen hack that the Internet can&#
Strips of tender beef + spicy instant noodles? YES PLEASE.
Andok's recently launched a new Litson Baka that has gotten everyone in a frenzy because of how delicious it is. While the taste of the meat is similar to that of the flavorful marinade used for their liempo, what makes
We're obsessed with its 2D design!
If you've seen the movie To All The Boys: Always And Forever, you'd know that it starts off with a scene at this *super cool* 2D cafe called Cafe Yeonnam-dong 239-20 in Seoul, South Korea. TBH,
Add this to your list of must-visit coffee shops!
Film production company TBA Studios is known for being the team behind popular local movies like Heneral Luna, Goyo, I'm Drunk, I Love You, and more. In 2016, they launched their first micro-cinema in San Juan called Cinema '
I swear you'll love these!
Hello, I'm back for another entry on my love affair with Yakult. First, it was the Yakult ice cream recipe and then the bouquet. Now, my heart and tastebuds have fallen for another Yakult spinoff: Donut Pockets!The makers of
The promo is valid only until May 30!
Going back to the daily grind can be tough, but that doesn't mean today has to suck-especially not when you can get one well-loved local pizza at a special discounted price. That's right. You can get
Mandaluyong peeps are so lucky!
You can find all sorts of cafés around the Metro, ranging from bigger international franchises to smaller mom-and-pop shops, minimalist coffee spots to Instagram-ready hangouts. Among these are also the gems that are semi-hidden in neighborhoods or
You deserve it!
I'm a huge fan of rainbow-colored desserts. There's something about seeing ROYGBIV hues that uplift my mood. I remember asking for rainbow cupcakes for my 21st birthday because I felt that those happy colors perfectly described how
Because we know how much you love carbs.
To be completely honest, I don't think I can ever give up carbs from my diet. I *love* eating, rice, bread, pasta, and basically anything with a lot of sugar, lol. Don't get me wrong, I still make