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Watch how assistant beauty editor Regina Belmonte and hair stylist/makeup artist Ara Fernando recreate the after-sex glowing look you see on this month's beauty spread.
So, what do you do after you've climaxed? Here are steamy ways to keep the fun and flame strong 'til the morning after.
Here's a no-brainer: Sex feels awesome. So, why would you cut it short? And yet, most people think uttering the last "Oh, God!" signifies the end. We've mapped out how to milk the bliss, so you each get the
Ditch the conventional tenets of female arousal along with the passe trends of 2010. Here, Cosmo's new ways to enjoy sex--for a wilder, sexier 2011!
CONVENTIONAL WISDOM: You have to feel desire to get aroused. BOLD NEW THINKING: You don't need to be in the mood to get excited.For eons, women have been told how complicated their bodies are, especially sexually. And while it's
We're giving you more sex tips and tricks to try with your man, for a hot, hot, HOT Christmas!
Fulfill your man's every fantasy with these mind-blowing moves.
1. On a hot night, lick the salt off each other's sweaty bodies. 2. Take a steamy shower together...but with the lights out. 3. Stay silent all through the action and just listen to your breathing. 4. Make missionary sex
Men divulge the most mind-blowing moves you could ever do to them in the sack.
Think you're running out of tricks for your man? Worry not, because we've got you covered. Cosmo asked men to share a few mattress moves that really threw them off the edge. 1. "My ex would save old trash-bound
Find out how locking lips with your man <i>while</i> doing the deed can lead to steamier sack sessions.
Kissing is often considered a means to an end. It's how many couples kick off their sack sessions, but as soon as things start heating up, making out usually falls by the wayside. "Some people think that sex is so full
They say nothing gives you a hotter glow than getting it on. But even if you know how to fake the big O, our Style & Beauty columnist teaches you how to actually look the part.
It's no urban legend when they say one looks beautifully glowing after sex.Wait! Make that, one has an indescribable aura of blushing satisfaction after reaching a fantastic orgasm!"O" or no "O," we at Cosmo would like to believe we'
Girls aren't the only ones who get performance anxiety when it comes to lovemaking. What do men worry about during sex, and how can you help?
A man's bedroom hang-ups are a lot like his embarrassing relatives: Just because he never talks about them doesn't mean they don't exist. "The idea that men don't have any feelings about sex beyond wanting it is
Ever wondered what really runs through his mind after your sack session? Cosmo got real guys to spill the dirty, honest truth.
We know what occupies a guy's brain before getting down and dirty (all he's focusing on is doing it and how good it's gonna be), but the secret we're dying to crack is what goes through the typical