A cocktail that perfectly describes my heart? I’ll take two.
It's hard to keep up with cocktail choices these days. Way back when, there were only the standard or the classics we know today, like the martini, old fashioned, manhattan, tom collins, gimlet, and about 30 others. Now, with seemingly unlimited
It’s more than just a chaser to your tequila shots.
There's something about citrus fruits that perk you up almost involuntarily. Maybe it's the waft of zest or the balance of sweet and sour when you bite into a segment. Whatever the reason may be, citrus flavors enhance a cocktail'
Get yourself tickled pink during your next night out.
Brightly colored cocktails have a misguided reputation for being "girly" drinks, but those who believe that school of thought have clearly never tried a Weng-Weng in their life. As the competition among bars have gotten even more critical, it's also
And honestly, wow.
When I left behind the celebrity-fueled city of Los Angeles earlier this year in favor of the isolated desert town of Joshua Tree, California, I expected to find ~enlightenment~. But instead, I found wine. Lots of wine. So much wine. Sure,
The pain. The awful, prolonged pain.
When you wake up the morning after a heavy night of drinking, the first thing that's likely to run through your mind is, "Ugh, how long will I feel like this?" Typically, hangovers only last in the morning-generally easing
Which one are you?
Researchers at the Michigan State University have been working on a way to categorize the different types of drinkers that exist in the world. And no, we don't mean "the prosecco drinker who loves brunch," or "the gin and tonic
Worst news ever?
That evening glass of wine has always seemed like a relatively guilt-free indulgence, but new research shows that the only way to avoid risking health is to quit drinking altogether.A huge new study published in the Lancet has concluded that
And how much they cost.
The rainy season is officially upon us, and we know you're still dreaming about your last beach trip. While we can't bring you the beach, we can recommend a bar or lounge that'll give you all
And can even help you lose weight. Bonus points.
If you've ever woken up with a major hangover following a night full of several rounds of tequila shots, we've got news for you. Scientists have discovered an actual, scientific link between tequila and weight loss.And it's not
What's a 20th birthday without free-flowing ~*alcohol?*~
May isn't just the last month of summer-it's Cosmopolitan Philippines' birthday month, too! Yes, CGs, we just turned the big 2-0, and as a fun way to give thanks to our most loyal readers for the past 20
That whole beer-before-liquor thing? N-O-P-E.
Hangovers can involve a slew of unbearable symptoms, from a throbbing headache to nausea and indigestion, dizziness, the shakes and sweats, fatigue, brain fog, irritability, and general malaise. It's no wonder people go to great lengths to avoid them.Unfortunately,
'The gap between men and women is closing rapidly when it comes to alcohol use and subsequent alcohol-related complications.'
A global study done by researchers at the University of New South Wales in Australia has revealed that "the gap between men and women is closing rapidly when it comes to alcohol use and subsequent alcohol-related complications.""Researchers looked at 68
We never thought we'd use #guyabanorecipe as a hashtag. Oh, Erwan.
We all know that this summer is extremely HOT, but worry not 'cause we've got a little something to cool you down!Erwan Heussaff, who's Diageo's brand ambassador, shows us how to mix the perfect summer cocktail-and turn
This explains why a lot of people are dependent on alcohol.
Dr. Rebecca Monk of Edge Hill University in the United Kingdom and her team have uncovered startling new evidence that may explain why people are drink dependent.Through a computer-based study, scientists were able to determine that just the smell of
Like you need another reason to drink it.
A cup of coffee each morning may pack more than just an energy boost, new research suggests.A U.K. university has analyzed previously published studies on coffee consumption and how it impacts liver disease.Researchers at Southampton University looked at the
More proof that coffee is the answer to E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.
Starbucks lovers, file this under Best News Ever: Drinking coffee (lots and lots of it!) may protect your liver from cirrhosis (irreversible scarring of the liver that can be caused by excessive drinking), according to a recent review of nine scientific studies.
Plus more mixed drinks based on your fave movies and TV shows!
Get ready to loosen up, CGs, 'cause we've got this V-Day treat for you!There's no better way to cap off your Valentine's Day celebration with your S.O. than with a drink (or two).So we took
Don't underestimate the dude who likes vodka soda.
Have you ever been out at a bar, seen a group of 10 bros ripping shots, and thought "That's the kind of person I want to spend the rest of my life with?" If you have, that's great! If you
Wrong: You drink beer from bottles instead of cans when you're outside.
Cold, hard fact: There's a much better way to consume your favorite alcohol beverages than what you're probably doing now. Prepare to never sip a glass of red wine or drink a beer outside the same way ever again. 1.
It's time to put down that glass, dear.
1. You drink whenever you feel anything but happy. May it be a breakup or fight with your boyfriend, frustration from school or work, or a family issue-you use alcohol to solve these problems. Drinking is your go-to remedy.2.
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