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Are we reading this right? Our resident guy expert actually gives props to <em>Notting Hill,</em> that Julia Roberts-Hugh Grant rom-com!
<em>FHM</em> chief Allan M celebrates his 10th blog birthday today! He gives a shoutout to all the brave young voices who left a comment or two at his little corner of this website.
Typhoon Ondoy wasn't all about destruction and grief. <em>FHM</em> chief Allan M reflects on the outpouring of support the nation showed.
Our blogger, Allan Madrilejos, reflects on domestic violence in light of the current Chavit-Singson-Che Tiongson case.
<em>FHM</em> chief Allan Madrilejos continues his handy little sports tutorial for women!
<em>FHM</em> chief Allan M gives women some helpful pointers on how to fake being a sports fan!
<em>FHM </em>Chief clues us in on pleas women use when their men are out on boys-only bull sessions--and how it sits with them.